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Sgt. S.L.S. Belton of No.144 Squadron

Sgt. S.L.S. Belton of No.144 Squadron

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Sgt. Belton of No.144 Squadron

This picture is of Sgt. Belton of No.144 Squadron, and shows him with his mother, Florence, and his sister, Betty

Sadly Sgt. Belton was killed when his aircraft, Hampden P4368 of No.144 Squadron, was lost in the IJsselmeer near Kampen in the Netherlands late on 10 August 1940 during a raid on Homberg.

Many thanks to Roger Griffith, the nephew of Sgt. A.J. Griffiths of No.144 Squadron, for sending us these pictures. Also many thanks to Betty's grandson Peter for confirming the identities of Florence and Betty.

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