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Day 330 Obama Administration December 15, 2009 - History

Day 330 Obama Administration December 15, 2009 - History

The day began with the President traveling to a Home Depot in Northern Virginial. There he met with small busiiness leaders to talk about energy saving. He then delivered remarks on the economic impact of energy saving. Remarks

The President then had lunch with business leaders.

President Obama then met with the entire Senate Democratic Caucus to push for compromise on health care reform.

Late in the afternoon the President and Vice President met with Defense Secretary Gates.

We actually got a professional wrestling triplets trick on our hands here as 29 July 2018 saw the death of Brian Christopher, Brickhouse Brown, and Nikolai Volkoff. Brickhouse was a top heel in Southern promotions in the 80s & 90s and didn’t make it to the WWF like Volkoff, a Hall-of-Fame wrestler and major villain character from the first Cold War, and Christopher aka Grand Master Sexay who was the son of WWF legend Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

This is a follow-up to my post from last month on WWE Sacrifices: Investigating the June Deaths of 5 Pro Wrestlers where we saw them all coded to a gnarly 38/83 code revolving around the WWE =1083 and Vincent Kennedy McMahon =1830. Brian Christopher =183. Brickhouse Brown =183. July Twenty Ninth Twenty Eighteen =138.

Grand Master Sexay =272. Sexay =207. King =207. Brian Christopher Lawler =270. Nikolai Volkoff =2007/272 born on 27/72 numerology 2 years 7 months 2 days after the birth of Vince McMahon =720/702. They died with 27 days remaining in McMahon’s 72nd year alive. McMahon =27. Mr McMahon =272.

Brian Christopher born on 1/10/72 died at the age of exactly 17,002 days old.

  • The 172nd prime is 1021 . World Wrestling Entertainment =1201. The Synagogue of Satan =1201. Blood Sacrifice =121. Brian Christopher Lawler =121. Sexay =121. Mr McMahon =121.

The three wrestlers died one day shy of 14,040 days after the founding of WWE. Josip Hrvoje Peruzović =1404 is Volkoff’s real name. Peruzović =144. Josip Peruzovic =1044. Mr McMahon =44. The King =444. Masonic =444. Sexay =444 aka Brian Christopher won 44 titles within the United States Wrestling Association and pronounced dead at 4:40 PM after being found hanged in his jail cell following a drunk driving arrest a few weeks earlier.

Brian Lawler =115 & Brickhouse Brown were born exactly 11 years 5 months apart. World Wrestling Entertainment =1150. Brian Christopher Lawler Grand Master Sexay =1150.

  • Brian & Brickhouse were also born exactly 137 months apart. Mr McMahon =1370. Brickhouse =137.
  • 137 the 33rd prime . Brian Lawler =33 died 3303 days after his previous arrest. Brian Christopher Lawler =1330. World Wrestling Entertainment =133.

Vince McMahon =669 . Brickhouse & Volkoff were born 669 weeks apart and Brickhouse’s funeral will be on his 58th birthday, exactly 696 months after his birth. Wrestling =696 . Grand Master Sexay + Nikolai Volkoff =699 . Grand Master Sexay + Nikolai Volkoff Brickhouse Brown =1699 .

Day 330 Obama Administration December 15, 2009 - History

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Former Blue Angels Boss Reprimanded

That is called "good planning" where I come from.

This report makes me wonder what decade McWherter thought he was living in. 70's - 80's you get away with that. Before then, it was almost expected.

Since Tailhook, '91, not so much.

We called it putting "glass on the ass"

It would be tough to be in the mil these days.

I guess this is a sign of the times we live in,
more on this matter is on cdr salamander

Sorry about the dodgy link but I am sure you can soon find it.

We had the deglamorization of alcohol, and now we have the deglamorization of the warrior ethos.

Obama is an ass of the first order, and is neutering the military. Yes I spent my early air force years in the 50s/60s when the WWII guys were still around, and camaraderie was the glue holding squadrons together.

"and camaraderie was the glue holding squadrons together."

Camaraderie holds all units together, regardless of the colour of the uniform.
Alcohol, mess, ready room, ward room, whatever you call it, camaraderie is formed there at the start.

I'm sorry to see a good guy with a distinguished career sacrificed in the interests of political correctness.

It would have been much better if the matter had been dealt internally with a strongly worded warning about future conduct instead of the entirely unnecessary formal investigation and public humiliation.

Maybe personal grudges and jealousies played some part, as well as the obsession with political correctness.

One wonders what 'pornography literature in the Ready Room' actually constitutes these days.

Back in around 1982, we were at ACMI in Deci, along with some Jag mates who were doing the usual air-to-mud stuff. They'd brought the SqIntO with them, who was actually a SqIntess. Delightful lady who looked after such things as making sure there was beer in the fridge and softies in the work fridge - without having been asked to do so. She was determined to look after her pilots' morale. So one day she was at the Italian shop on base collecting the tinnies and spotted some copies of Mayfair, Men Only, Penthouse etc. She decided that the boys needed some 'suitable literature', so selected a number of magazines and gave her driver some cash to pay for them. Which would have been fine, except that the sticker price didn't include tax, so when he got to the checkout, he called across to her "MA'AM, YOU HAVEN'T GIVEN ME ENOUGH MONEY FOR THE MAGZINES!!" Poor girl went bright red with embarrassment and the rest of the shop fell about with laughter.

But along came PC - not just 'girlie mags', but even pretty innocent things such as the Pilots' Pets calendar were banned from RAF crewrooms.

Having diverted into a USAF base, we needed to find somewhere to stay for the night. Easy solution was to look for the nearest Holiday Inn on the Base Ops Internet - then call it, book the rooms and get transport. Whilst waiting, someone wondered whether there was a Hooters nearby, so did a search. Only to be told by some goody-goody that Hooters was not considered to be an 'acceptable' website. WTF. it's a restaurant! Yes, the waitresses were very pretty girls in those days (I gather that's no longer the case though. ), but so what?

Reading the account of the Blues' reprimand, you have to wonder why their boss let things get into such a state and didn't just have a Commander's Call and remind them about what was and wasn't acceptable. But as for the puerile 'hazing' events, that thinly-disguised bullying seems to be something uniquely American. and utterly ridiculous in 2014!

The November Elections, Pope Francis, and the Catholic Vote

On September 6 th , the Washington Post published a report called “White Catholics Struggle to Get on Board the Trump Train.” The article’s assumption was that obviously Caucasian Catholics are expected to vote Republican. However, the report noted, some are having second thoughts in the light of the Trump candidacy – presumably because of his waffling on the issue of abortion.

Unexplainably, the Post article completely ignored the overall progressive thrust of Pope Francis’ teaching and the un-Republican influence it might be having on Catholic voters. Instead, it bolstered its “of course” assumption about Catholics voting Republican by puzzling over the fact that four years ago Catholics who attended Mass at least once a month favored Mitt Romney by 38 points. This year, Donald Trump’s lead among such Catholics has shrunk to 17 points..

True, the WaPo article did suggest that Pope Francis might have something to do with the trends it described. After all, Francis had explicitly intimated that Mr. Trump was unchristian for intending to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. Followers of Jesus, Francis said, build bridges, not walls. In response Trump dismissed the pope as “very political.”

However, the Post completely ignored the issues of climate change, a world economy based on arms manufacture, capital punishment, and world-wide income disparities – Pope Francis’ signature issues that he himself highlighted in his speech last year to the U.S. Congress.

The Post carried on as if that speech and the pope’s landmark encyclical on climate change had never occurred. It was as though the Church were still mired in the reactionary era of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, when Catholics seemed obsessed with one issue alone: abortion without connecting it (as Francis has done) to problems of poverty, war, environmental destruction, and an overwhelmingly punitive “justice” system.

So how should Catholics vote who are tuned into Pope Francis’ more comprehensive moral concerns? According to the pope’s eco-encyclical, his Apostolic Exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel, and his address to the U.S. Congress, Catholics should vote:

  • Against climate change deniers and for those who share the pope’s climate concerns.
  • Against champions of dirty fossil fuels and in favor of those supporting alternative, renewable energy sources.
  • Against those who would exclude refugees from finding shelter in the United States and in favor of those advocating sanctuary.
  • Against those who favor arms sales abroad and in favor of proponents of divestment from the arms industry.
  • Against champions of capital punishment and in favor of those calling for its abolition.
  • Against those proposing tax cuts for the wealthy and in favor of increased redistributive taxes on their incomes.
  • Against those whose answers to global terrorism are war, bombing, and drone assassinations, and in favor of those who offer legal and diplomatic solutions to the problem of national security.
  • Against those who are selective in their “pro-life” advocacy, and for those who connect respect for life not just with abortion, but with providing care for unwanted children brought to term, with clean energy, environmental protection, universal health care, investment in public education, and opposition to capital punishment and war.

In the run-up to the elections, these are the issues Catholics should quiz Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump about – as well as candidates for other public offices.

Obama Opposed Gun Ban Exception to Defend One’s Home

As a state senator in Illinois, President Obama opposed answered “Yes” to a survey question asking whether he would support state legislation to “ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.” The Obama 2008 presidential campaign claimed the form had been filled out by an aide who mischaracterized Obama’s position, even though Obama’s handwriting was found on survey.

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525 thoughts on &ldquoObama Opposed Gun Ban Exception to Defend One’s Home&rdquo

If the POTUS signs a bill given to him by the Legislature is that an impeachable offence? I mean what part of “will not be infringed” hard to understand?

Will anybody have the guts to discuss the real problem?
Guess which single group the 2011 FBI crime statistics say are responsible responsible for:
55.6% of all Robbery
49.7% of Murders
33.6% of all Aggravated Assaults
32.9% of Forcible Rapes
This group is only 13% of the total US population

If your guess was French Canadians, no it’s blacks.
Blacks are only 13% of the total US population, see any pattern here, or is that racist??

Isn’t is worse? That 13% contains females. Black Males 16-21 make up 2.5% of the population and they are committing most of the black crime you are showing.

Obama would rather Americans be killed than allowed to protect themselves, yet the POS signed a bill to protect himself with arms SS men for life.

You are right Yani.
It probably killed him to include George Bush in it.
I am sure in his 3rd term he can amend that!

I have the right to kill in self-defense and to determine for myself when that should be done. Laws be damned.

You expected anythingless from this lying scumbag fraudulent marxist muslim puke.

Well if that was really the case I would be dead at this moment in time. I was the victim of a home invasion and had I not had my gun for my personal defense the guy would have bludgeoned me to death just like he did the guy he killed several weeks later after the DA turned him loose.

According to Obama’s mindset I have more of a right to be murdered in my own home than to constitutionally own a firearm.

Worse than that, Preezy Revenge grants you the right to be murdered by an unconstitutionally amnetized illegal alien (aka dreamer) who got his “assault rifle” from the Zetas. The same Zetas who got their “assault rifles” from Eric “The Red” Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious. Traitors, one and all…

That’s the funny thing about so called liberals, or as I call them, social fascists oh you have no right to defend yourself, your property, your life or your family but you keep your hands OFF their property. Typical liberals, their rights must not be infringed, yours on the other hand are not deserved therefore you have none.

That odumbo the empty suited race baiting charlatan is a liar and doesn’t care one bit for the will of the people nor the Constitution is not surprising, that the msm would destroy their own credibility and personal integrity, that they would deceive, misinform or lie by omission on his behalf to the detriment of their profession as a whole is! He would not be able to get away with what he does if they did not cover for him, lie about it or ignore it altogether.
We the people must bring the msm (abc/cbs/nbc/nyt/cnn et al) to their knees and make them pay for their ‘treasonous’ breach of the public trust. They are responsible for the division, they are responsible for things having gotten so bad in Congress nothing is done because dems are not held accountable to the people for anything they do or say or refuse to do – the msm has scantly mentioned that reid has ignored the law for 4 straight years not passing a budget, could you imagine the howl if mcconnel refused to produce a budget?? The msm and the unethical, integrity challenged unprofessional lice portraying journalists are more dangerous to the future of the nation and liberty of the American people than barry ever will be!

There’s a fundamental difference between the roughly 25% of the population that is liberal and the rest of us they refuse to believe any fact that doesn’t strictly conform to their narrow minded intolerance and justify lies and deceit under the guise of doing the ‘right’ thing (which coincidentally is rarely what the majority of Americans agree is ‘right’). The rest of us (the 50% conservative and 25% moderate) want the ACTUAL FACTS, the real story.

Obama is for anything that will benefit him, as long as he does not have to pay for it. He is against people taking care of themselves and wants everyone dependent upon the government from cradle to grave and then, with the death tax, even after that.

Dear friends, I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 25,000 signatures by February 08, 2013, the White House will review it and respond! We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response. You can view and sign the petition here: http://wh.gov/PUf7 Here’s some more information about this petition: Pledge not to use an Executive Order to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding Citizens. This is a petition to prevent the Obama Administration from issuing Executive Orders restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens. The Second Amendment provides protection for every other Amendment in the Bill of Rights, as well as citizen rights outlined in the Constitution. The intent and limitations of the Second Amendment have been addressed by the United States Supreme Court case of the District of Columbia versus Heller in 2007. The Supreme Court acknowledged that the Second Amendment protects weapons ‘typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes’. Guns commonly used for hunting, target shooting, self defense, and protection from a tyrannical government are exempted from any further restrictions already in place.

The un-named pile of garbage in the White House wants a disarmed society so that he can institute his socialist dreams.

Politicians do one thing very well LIE. It is the only thing you can believe from them. They always forget, they are our servants, not the other way around. Executive orders on this issue will not be valid. They do not override the Constitution in any way. Ignore it.

As a prima donna, a megalomaniac, and a narcissist, Obummer wants absolute control over our lives. We are to be completely behold to him for our sustenance and our safety. To him, any end justifies the means, so even though he lies through the skin of his teeth, in his eyes it is alright.

Any Obamarrhoids figured out yet that not only is he not a savior but that he’s just a DemoRegressive on steroids (absolute political opportunist)? All the “groups” Dems typically use to play their divide-and-conquer politics are now three-day-old fish. New boss, sos.

Be ashamed, emos (Hope!! Change!!). Style will never be a sub for substance.

but he wants armed guards to protect him…..and his family….for life on the taxpayers dime!


Did you notice who introduced the lifetime SS protection for Obama – it was Trey Gowdy and it passed on voice vote. I thought Gowdy was one of the good guys. The new conservative fiscal reformers who were going to prevent wasting tax dollars. Obama will be 50 when he “retires”. At just $10 million per year for Secret Service houses next to Obamas houses, travel, hotel, auto expense, salaries, vacation pay, cell phone bills, dry cleaning, meals, etc. that means taxpayers will be on the hook for another $400 Million dollars assuming a life expectancy for Obama of 90 years of age. I called Gowdys office and got some BS answer that he did it to protect President Bush. We could have raised the money privately for Bush’s protection if he was really worried. But isn’t Bush from Texas where everyone drives a pickup truck with a gun rack.? So he’s ok. And Obama being from Chicago probably has a few guns of his own or buds like Farakhan and the gang that will watch over him. Now my kids and grand kids will still be paying for Obama, 40 or even 50 years from now. Knowing him he would be just spiteful enough to live to 120 so he can claim the title of The oldest living President.

I wonder what he would do if a someone broke into his own home intent on doing him or his family harm …OH WAIT, that’s right, that will NEVER be his problem. He just signed a law giving himself Secret Service protection for life. That way he’ll never have to give up his safety and still be able to live by his alleged principals. Let us all eat cake.

He opposed this yet is such a coward he has armed guards 24/7? Yeah, he ought to be afraid for all the BS he’s pulled on the American people. The worst lying hypocrite ever!

I say, let the U. S. House of Representatives vote on a bill to strip Obama of all armed Secret Service protection for the rest of his tem of office.

Did’nt Hitler take everyone’s guns away before he annialated the Jews….I wonder what obama has in mind…mmm

How did this idiot ever get through Havard. He lies openly and comptentiously. I cannot watch him or listen to him, Happy hart attack to him.

He didn’t graduate. No class mates, class pictures, grades, etc.
Just 1 or 2 shills that will back him and say they saw him there.

No, Harvard people knew him. COLUMBIA is where no one knew the creep except the guy he was in Pakistan with for a year (not the 3 months like he says.) 400 people interviewed at Columbia and only one or two claimed to know him. He most likely signed up for Columbia (affirmative action pass) and took classes that any schmoe can sign up for a fee – we know a Muslim kingpin gave Harvard a glowing recommendation. Zero most likely cut most Columbia classes and sold drugs to support himself.

I thought he only voted “present”

He’s going for socialism/communism

American citizens can’t be trusted with guns, unless they are government officials.

All this is to keep you frrom looking at your pay check. Notice anything? There was a clif and all of us under 6 digitd fell off it. More to come. …….. They stoped nothing .

Talks like John F. Kennedy, lies like Richard Nixon……………I am not a crook,…no but you are a liar!!….Straighten up and fly right Obama.

Does this count for his armed security force for Life wheThe People come for him.

thats because obama is a piece of shit.

Please do not downgrade shit like that.

Pity none of this information was available prior to the first election. And he dares to compare himself to Lincoln. The obamination isn’t as good as what Lincoln left in the outhouse!

OBama Just ripped a page out of Anti GUN Ex Chicago Mayor Dailey who when leaving Office had the Stupid people of Chicago give Him armed security for Life!! Neither ‘s Worthless Hypocritical life is as prescious as ANY honest person in this country who they want to deny self defense but now have PAY for Theirs..May they Both live short and die hard!!

This is precisely why he rammed a bill through to protect his own life.

Highly recommend watch video at http://vimeo.com/52009124 (“vimeo” is not a misspelling.). I ordered a copy of the video on DVD and the chart for myself.

I can’t help but think that at some point a patriot is going to sacrifice themselves and take him out.

Dont make a marter out of him. The Dems and libs would go bonkers on that. I say empeachment or hold a special election, make him a discrace and reverse every thing hes done. Wait only things he did was a failure Obamacare. Oh and spend us into Bankrupcy.

This is wrong. As they say guns dont kill, people do. It isnt right that the government can pick and choose for us. The white house needs to be cleaned out and start fresh. that means everyone.

Obama is nothing but a sh*tbag.

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929-1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 millions Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938 and, from 1939-1945, 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935. From 1948-1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964-1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971-1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975-1977, 1 million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th century because of gun control: 56 million.

Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and
gun-control laws adversely affect only law-abiding citizens. With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects.

During World War II, the Japanese decided not to invade America, because they knew most Americans were armed. Switzerland issues every household a gun. Switzerland’s government trains every adult they issue a rifle. Switzerland has the lowest gun-related crime rate of any civilized country in the world.

You’re not imagining it. History shows that governments always manipulate tragedies to attempt to disarm the people.

While serving as director of the Joyce Foundation board (1994–2001), Obama distributed millions of dollars to gun control organizations like the Council Against Handguns and the Violence Policy Center. Between 1994 and 2001, the Joyce Foundation gave $18.6 million to about 80 anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment projects, including $1.5 million to the Violence Policy Center. The Joyce Foundation is closely linked to the Soros Open Society Institute, which advocates a worldwide ban on civilian firearm ownership.

As an Illinois State Senator, Obama voted against a bill that specifically allowed homeowners the right to use a gun in self-defense during a home invasion. He proposed increasing Illinois firearm and ammunition excise taxes from 11 to 66 per cent, thus raising a $55 tax on a $500 rifle to $330. Obama voted for a bill that would ban almost all hunting rifles, shotguns, and target rifles. The bill would also have authorized the Illinois State Police to raid homes and forcibly confiscate banned guns.

Obama voted for a bill that would have shut down all Illinois firearm-manufacturing businesses, such as Springfield Armory, Armalite, Rock River Arms, and Les Baer. Obama voted for a bill prohibiting Illinois citizens from purchasing more than one gun per month. He voted for a bill that would have banned most single-shot and double-barreled shotguns as ‘semi-automatic assault weapons’ even though they are not, along with hundreds of models of rifles and handguns. Had the bill had passed, Illinois residents would have had 90 days to turn in their guns or face felony charges.

During his Illinois Senate career Obama voted four times against legislation that would allow a homeowner to use a firearm in defense of his home and family. Obama proposed legislation prohibiting gun stores from operating within five miles of a school or a park. Inasmuch as most communities have schools and parks scattered widely throughout their areas, the legislation would effectively ban gun stores unless they re-locate far from population centers.

And he voted 3 times to kill babies who survived an abortion attempt. Perfect.

Ajit Vadakayil

Hi Sir, i am trying to do Rss submission of your blog but the Feed reader said "The content size is too large" use less than 32 MB.

That never really happened before Lol

I was going to start a page on Facebook to Viral promotion of your blog, but i did not expect this kind of an odd read block.

Seriously never happened before. --Sight--

Ok Sir never mind, i got through that issue.

I am going to create a face book like page, and a group in your name so that your blog will be promoted instantly on facebook.

Hi Sir, i created this page for you.

Whenever you finish your blog, and write your name:

Use the "infinity" symbol, and add the link above which will take people directly to your facebook page to stay connected with your blog updates on facebook.

you can use this technique to add older blog post links to your current blogs.

Like when you want people to refer to your older Blog like "Walmart is not good for india" you can just highlight it + use the infinity symbol to add the link directly to your older blog.

i do NOT wish to be on facebook right now.

please do do NOT create anything in my name without taking my express permission.

Capt. I have a point of view that the Muslims all over the world should realise that their covert support to Sharia and extremists elements is backfiring to an extent that their civilian population is not safe anymore because of their covert support to extremists. This sounds like blackmail, but at the moment this is an option to make the extrimists lie low and stop their activities. Muslims all over the world don't raise a voice when Russia bans Koran and deports Sharia Activists, and when China bans Ramadan fasts. Guess the reason is muslims have reduced and linked Islam's identity and existence to anything anti-US. I have read reports from Pakistan's borders that Militants have started sleeping in remote places under the trees for the fear of drones. Muslim ullemah has to come out openy against the extremism that has crept in the followers of Islam.
Few days back I was on a survey on a ship and the Master told me that he heard a SOS call from another ship under attack from Somalian pirates, then he also heard 'we are coming' from some unknown source. Later he sighted US Navy seals choppers two of them coming to the rescue. and they fired some rounds on the pirates dinghys and also the mother ships, sinking both of them with leaving a pool of blood in the ocean around the rubble only to see sharks come in and eat away the remains of the pirates.
Now the above paints a gory image of the ordeal and a horrific picture of the navy seals actions prosecutable in any human rights courts. But the thing is those who have no respect for human lives have lost their own human rights kind of double edged swords. An yes we can argue till the birds are back that it was all started by CIA during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan and they are just fighting the same war which they started in the first place. But that does not take off the onus from the Muslim society's gullibility.

Politician claims Obamacare saves. Voters laugh out loud

July 21, 2009 05:37 PM by Michelle Malkin23 Comments | 3 Trackbacks

“If it’s so good, why doesn’t Congress have to be on it?”

Brrrr. Record Low Temps in 31 States-- 256 New Records

The Next Ice Age Now reported that there were record low temperatures recorded in 31 states this month. 256 new record low temperatures were either set or tied nationally.
Hat Tip xqqume

Of course, the state-run media did not report this.

And, Don't expect this news to sway the junk scientists and leftists who want to punish Americans with cap and trade legislation.

More than sixty concerned United States citizens and residents of Virginia’s 5th Congressional District gathered in the parking lot immediately outside Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello’s Charlottesville office today. Organized by Bill Hay and the Jefferson Area Tea Party, the rally’s purpose was to allow attendees a forum in which to express their concerns over the prospect of nationalized/socialized medicine directly to Congressman Perriello (who chose not to attend), or in close proximity to his office.

While respectful in tone and content, citizen upon citizen passionately articulated apprehension over the potential negative impacts of socialized “health care” on their families, their businesses, their finances, and their own personal health.

See images from the rally:

Unlike the July 2 aggregation at this same office, Congressman Perriello did not dispatch a minion (i.e. ask a staffer to step outside the office) to capture constituents’ concerns. Ridge Schuyler, who represented the Congressman last time around, was noticeably absent from this proceeding.

Approximately forty minutes into the event, Charlottesville police were called to the parking lot area. Unconfirmed reports from the scene tie at least one of the complaining phone calls directly to Congressman Tom Perriello’s office staff. While the attending police officers (professionally and politely) compelled the gathered crowd to disperse, rally attendees grumbled at the prospect of their own congressman’s office terminating their first amendment, free speech protest. A protest that was peaceful and non-invasive in contrast to prior leftist assaults on the office of former 5th District Congressman, Virgil Goode.

Y2Kyoto: The World Is Being Run By Crazy People

Seattle Department of Transport spokesman Rick Sheridan

"Light rail was meant to be fed by people taking the bus, walking or biking. It was not mean to be fed by cars."

Thus no parking lots near most of the train terminals. After packing the trains (free fare) over the weekend the new system commenced paid operation this morning and . around 8 a.m., trains were arriving at Tukwila from downtown Seattle with fewer than 10 passengers aboard.

$165,467,625. That's the cost of building the system. Per mile.

Mercifully the rail, created to carry passengers from downtown Seattle to the airport, is only 13.9 miles. It's 15.6 miles from downtown Seattle to the airport. But that's being fixed.

This boondoggle was created by King County, WA Executive Ron "tax-to-the-max" Sims. Ron is now Obama's deputy secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The Beslan Massacre

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the Beslan Massacre, when Scuzlims took 1200 hostages, mostly women and children, at an Elementary school in Beslan, Russia.

The children were sexually molested, deprived of food and water, forced to drink urine.

By the time the siege was over the Scuzlims had murdered 331 people, 186 of them children.

As bad as 9/11 was, to this day, I am convinced that the Beslan Massacre was the most overt and disgusting display of Islamic terrorism to happen during my lifetime.

I have never heard any Muslim political organization, government, Academic Institution, or Media outlet of any considerable size, anywhere in the world, ever, offer outright condemnation of the Scuzliims involved in the Beslan Massacre.

From Deborah Schurman-Kauflin
From the days of Prophet Muhammad, sexual terror has been an integral part of Islamic Jihad.


whereupon Russia went after the Chechen terrorists with a vengence. And the terrorists fled to Europe and the US claiming persecution. And the West opened their hearts, doors and wallets to these poor mis-understood creatures.

And Putin smiled and said just wait you fuckers.

Thanks for posting this Pasto.

This an anniversary even more important than 9/11. This is the day the world saw Islam for what it is. For what it unapologetically is.

Imbibe this. you can't go back to the bullshit of "Religion of Peace". The bullshit of a Coexist bumper sticker. This is a religion of hate and death and nothing can excuse this shit.

We still have much work to do don't we.

I guess that's why we don't give up.

Seeing the suffering enhanced the joy of the perpetrators.

And that is what Islam really is. Bringing joy to barbarians when innocents suffer. A license to carry out heinous acts from their god.

And fuck those who say "all religions are the same" for there is no comparison between "Love those who hate you" and "Kill those you disagree with wherever you find them."

Anon said that this anniversary is more important than 9/11. I am not sure about that. I think they're equally important and both show Islam for what it truly is. But even if Beslan had happened in Washington DC or NYC, I am almost certain that people would have come out with "We have to be vigilant about not hurting the feelings of Muslims" instead of actually giving a shit about their the innocent children.

Because as far as I can remember, few people outside of Russia gave a shit about these innocent men, women and children in Beslan. That's the world we live in.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. And that is effectively what has happened for as long as I can remember. Good men either stopped existing or have forgotten to care.

Nico, whether 9/11 was worse, or Beslan, that's an interesting question.

In the body of my post, I commented,

"As bad as 9/11 was, to this day, I am convinced that the Beslan Massacre was the most overt and disgusting display of Islamic terrorism to happen during my lifetime."

I do stand by that, though it is, obviously, only an opinion.

And when I write something like that, it brings to mind that almost every week, we see a miniature version of Beslan in church after church in Nigeria.

And when I write something like that, it brings to mind that almost every week, we see a miniature version of Beslan in church after church in Nigeria.

Or anywhere else you see Muslims. Its where and when the media decides to pay attention, its almost always the same.

Anyway. Thanks for putting the post up. We need to remember these events to always remember the barbarity of Islam and Muslims. Its as important as remembering the Holocaust to know how barbaric the Nazis were.

I have said on more than one occasion more damaging and terrifying to the American psyche, especially that of parents, than an American Hiroshima would be a single or multiple American Beslans. Then, I believe there would be blood in Amercan streets. No muslim would be safe here.

When I think of 9/11 I think of carpet bombing every Islamic state back to the Stone Age.

When I think of Beslan (or Norway for that matter) I think of taking the next muslim I see, and then the next one, and the next and.

'Thanks' for the reminder. It IS needed.
We all remember ONE SECOND AFTER. well completed just before Mr Foley

Terror in Barcelona

Yet another “yet another” vehicle ramming attack, this time in Barcelona, as a van plows through Las Ramblas. According to the Vehicle-Ramming Attack page on Wikipedia, this is the 32nd such incident since the 1981 Iraqi Embassy Bombing. Las Ramblas =1032. Barcelona =1032. Spain =32. Placa Catalunya =32. A Ramming Attack =132. Stephen King Mr Mercedes =132. The primary press conference confirmed 1 dead 32 injured – just so we know we’re not fucking around with these numbers, 10/32 are seriously wounded. The perps holed up in a Turkish =132 restaurant with hostages. Israeli Secret Intelligence =132.

(Although judging from the eye-witness videos immediately preceding the event, there are hardly any people on Las Ramblas, 1/1000th as many as we see in the image above of the popular tourist strip on a good day.)

  • Again, this very bizarre pattern of vehicle-ramming attacks synched up with the release date of King’s 2014 novel, featuring a vehicle-rammer, that immediately preceded the latest spike in such events. It released 1172 days earlier. Barcelona =172. Las Ramblas =172. And it happened at 17:20 local time. La Rambla =72. The Brussels Bombing happened 1072 days after the Boston Bombing. And wouldn’t you know, they’re saying the van was rented by a man named Driss Oukabir =172.
  • If we exclude the end date that’s 1171 days later in La Rambla =17 on the 17th. Van =17.Spain =117. Barcelona =71. White Van =107. Fiat Talento =117. Talento =71. It happened exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing.

Madrid =113 was hit on 3/11. The Paris Attacks of 11/13 came 311 days after Charlie Hebdo (which began at 11:30) and the Champs-Elysees Attack happened 311 days after the Pulse Massacre. This one in Barcelona with A White Van =113 (specifically a Talento =113) happened 1 year 1 month 3 days after the Vehicle-Ramming Attack in Nice. The Bangkok Bombing of the statue of Phra Phom =113 happened 11 months 3 days after two British tourists were murdered by the mafia on Koh Tao and 31 weeks 1 day before the Brussels Bombing killed 31 people in 13 minutes a perfect 130 days after 130 people supposedly died in the Paris Attacks. Barcelona also happened exactly 113 weeks after the Charleston Church Shooting Hoax, and as it turns out – the Mr Mercedes TV show (the second episode airing the day before Barcelona) is filmed in Charleston SC =113.

This picture of the terror suspect in Masonic checkerboard pants was arrested in Barcelona 113 days earlier. And we just saw in the previous post how prevalently 113 was coded into the Charlottesville event. This is an undeniable pattern (and again, as I see it, the gematria supports the date counts, not the other way around) where all we really need to do is identify the organization that is A) obsessed with numerology, and B) capable of orchestrating all of these events by the numbers as synchronized with media coverage, and there we have our culprits. Or some of these events are real and the collective consciousness operates on a mathematical base function of 113 derivatives.

  • That inaugural 󈨕 Embassy Bombing happened 13,030 days before this incident. Spanish =331. White Van =33. The next one – which undoubtedly will come before August is up – will be the 33rd. As the 32s synch up with this location, watch for somewhere like Paris =33 with the +33 country code to get hit next.

It happened 12 years 1 month 10 days after the London Attacks of 7/7/05 and 21 weeks 1 day after the Westminster Attack. Turkish =211. Stephen King Mr Mercedes =112. La Rambla =112. Oukabir =112. The emergency number is 1-1-2 in Europe.

Alright I’m gonna watch this Mr Mercedes show and get back to you with my findings.