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History of Albion, New York

History of Albion, New York

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Albion, the county seat of Orleans County, lies along the Erie Canal, 30 miles west of Rochester. Albion was first settled in 1811 and was incorporated as a village in 1828.The town of Albion is separate and was created in 1875.The site of a house where George M. Pullman, the inventor of sleeping cars for trains, lived from 1848 to 1855 as a youth is now occupied by the Pullman Memorial Universalist Church.Construction of the Western House of Refuge for Women was started in 1892. It was closed in 1971, reopened again to meet the expanding prison population in the state, and is now the Albion Correctional Facility.Medina Memorial Health Care System has its main hospital in Medina, ten miles west of Albion, and a clinic in Albion.

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