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Jenifer Hart

Jenifer Hart

Jenifer Hart, the second of the four daughters of Sir John Fischer Williams, an international lawyer and Marjorie Hay Murray, was born on 29th January, 1914.

According to Nicola Lacey: "She was impatient with her mother and later wrote of her regrets about this blighted relationship. By contrast she admired her father, and this shaped her political commitments and intellectual ambitions." (1)

Jenifer was educated at Downe House, before winning a place to study history at Sommerville College in 1932. She later explained her choice "because I had a general idea that it stood for a tradition of free thought and progressive politics". She became part of a "radical set" that included Goronwy Rees, Bernard Floud, Phoebe Pool, Douglas Jay and Iris Murdoch. In 1933 she joined the Communist Party of Great Britain. (2)

According to The Daily Telegraph: "Her love life was uneventful until she met a working-class undergraduate... She was shocked when he undressed and suggested that they made love." She later recalled: "I had never seen a whole naked male body and thought it revolting." She overcame her initial aversion and became one of the femmes fatales of her generation. One of her lovers was Michael Oakeshott. (3)

In January 1934 Arnold Deutsch, one of NKVD's agents, was sent to London. As a cover for his spying activities he did post-graduate work at London University. In May he made contact with Litzi Friedmann and Edith Tudor Hart. They discussed the recruitment of Soviet spies. Litzi suggested her husband, Kim Philby. "According to her report on Philby's file, through her own contacts with the Austrian underground Tudor Hart ran a swift check and, when this proved positive, Deutsch immediately recommended... that he pre-empt the standard operating procedure by authorizing a preliminary personal sounding out of Philby." (4)

Deutsch asked Philby if he was willing to spy for the Soviet Union: "Otto spoke at great length, arguing that a person with my family background and possibilities could do far more for Communism than the run-of-the-mill Party member or sympathiser... I accepted. His first instructions were that both Lizzy and I should break off as quickly as possible all personal contact with our Communist friends." It is claimed by Christopher Andrew, the author of The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5 (2009) that Philby became the first of "the ablest group of British agents ever recruited by a foreign intelligence service." (5)

Arnold Deutsch asked Kim Philby to make a list of potential recruits. Over the next few months Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt, John Cairncross and Michael Straight joined the network. Deutsch reported to Moscow: "Given that the Communist movement in these universities is on a mass scale and that there is a constant turnover of students, it follows that individual Communists whom we pluck out of the Party will pass unnoticed, both by the Party itself and by the outside world. People forget about them. And if at some time they do remember that they were once Communists, this will be put down to a passing fancy of youth, especially as those concerned are scions of the bourgeoisie. It is up to us to give the individual recruit a new (non-Communist) political personality." (6)

During this period Jenifer Hart also agreed to become a spy. Her friend from university, Bernard Floud, introduced her to Deutsch (codename Otto). Peter Wright, the author of Spycatcher (1987) claims that Hart joined Floud in a network linked to Oxford University. Other members included Goronwy Rees and Phoebe Pool. "Otto (Deutsch) instructed her to go underground, and she used to meet him clandestinely at Kew Gardens." (7)

Jenifer graduated in history from Sommerville College with a first-class degree in 1935. "In the 1936 civil service exam she was placed third out of 493 candidates, the highest ranking ever achieved by a woman to that date. Her ambition to join the civil service itself marked her out: no woman had been successful in the exam between 1931 and 1934. But this was by no means her primary distinction. Even by the standards of the gifted group in which she moved, Jenifer was exceptional; fair-skinned, golden-red haired and slender, she exuded vitality, determination, intensity, intelligence. Strongly contrasting elements made up her personality: her high principles combined with a taste for gossip; her intellectual seriousness was juxtaposed with an irreverent wit; her rationalism combined with impulsiveness; her sophistication was counterpoised with an occasionally startling naivete; her politics were radical, but they sat alongside a residual hauteur." (8)

Jenifer was assigned to the Home Office, where, three years later, she became private secretary to the Permanent Under-secretary, Sir Alexander Maxwell. She later admitted in her autobiography, Ask Me No More (1998): "Student friends in the Party said I would be more effective by going into the Civil Service as a secret Party member... I was unclear what, if anything, I as a civil servant would do for the British Communist Party, but I think I supposed that I would occasionally pass them useful information." (9)

In 1936 she met Herbert Hart, an up-and-coming young barrister. The following year they began to live together. Although the Civil Service at that time required women who married to resign, an exception was made in her case, and they married in 1941. During the Second World War he worked for MI5. In 1945, Hart was elected to a fellowship in Philosophy at New College. In 1947 Jenifer resigned from the Civil Service and joined him in Oxford. (10)

As Tony Honoré pointed out: "She initially took charge of the programme of university extension lectures in adult education organized by Oxford's extramural department. The department was then a noted centre of socialist intellectuals and teachers opposed to British policy in the early stages of the cold war, and during the two years Hart was there it was the subject of a controversial university investigation into the conduct of certain tutors." (11)

In 1951 Jenifer Hart published The British Police, an account of the history and organisation of the police service, and was elected to a research fellowship at Nuffield College. The following year she obtained a history fellowship at St Anne's College, tutoring and lecturing on 19th-century history and politics. It has been claimed by the The Daily Telegraph: Fierce, flamboyant and academically demanding, Jenifer Hart was a dazzling teacher of the gifted and self-confident. But she could be terrifyingly imperious and did not suffer fools." (12)

Jenifer Hart had an "open" marriage. According to Nicola Lacey: "Jenifer's partnership with Herbert was enduring, but also complicated. She liked a challenge, and in the passionate early period of their relationship this was how she regarded Herbert's ambivalence about his sexuality. But she later found it hard to distinguish from rejection, and this underpinned her need to form relationships with other intellectually powerful men such as Michael Oakeshott and, most importantly, Isaiah Berlin. For her, this was not a betrayal: she believed in the possibility of loving more than one person." (13) Herbert Hart told one of his daughters: "The trouble with this marriage, is that one of us doesn't like sex and the other doesn't like food." In her diary, Jenifer Hart recorded her husband's reaction to being told that she was pregnant with her fourth child: "His first question was, 'Was it his?' I assure him it is, but make him say whose he thinks it is if not." Hart suggested four candidates, two of whom - Isaiah Berlin and Stuart Hampshire - were among his closest friends. (14)

On 4th June 1963, Michael Straight was offered the post of the chairmanship of the Advisory Council on the Arts by President John F. Kennedy. Aware that he would be vetted - and his background investigated - he approached Arthur Schlesinger, one of Kennedy's advisers, and told him that Anthony Blunt had recruited him as a spy while an undergraduate at Trinity College. Schlesinger suggested that he told his story to the FBI. He spent the next couple of days being interviewed by William Sullivan. (15)

Straight's information was passed on to MI5 and Arthur Martin, the intelligence agency's principal molehunter, went to America to interview him. Michael Straight confirmed the story, and agreed to testify in a British court if necessary. Christopher Andrew, the author of The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5 (2009) has argued that Straight's information was "the decisive breakthrough in MI5's investigation of Anthony Blunt". (16)

Peter Wright, who took part in the meetings about Anthony Blunt, argues in his book, Spycatcher (1987) that Roger Hollis decided to give Blunt immunity from prosecution because of his hostility towards the Labour Party and the damage it would do to the Conservative Party: "Hollis and many of his senior staff were acutely aware of the damage any public revelation of Blunt's activities might do themselves, to MI5, and to the incumbent Conservative Government. Harold Macmillan had finally resigned after a succession of security scandals, culminating in the Profumo affair. Hollis made little secret of his hostility to the Labour Party, then riding high in public opinion, and realized only too well that a scandal on the scale that would be provoked by Blunt's prosecution would surely bring the tottering Government down." (17)

Anthony Blunt was interviewed by Arthur Martin at the Courtauld Institute on 23rd April 1964. Martin later wrote that when he mentioned Straight's name he "noticed that by this time Blunt's right cheek was twitching a good deal". Martin offered Blunt "an absolute assurance that no action would be taken against him if he now told the truth". Martin recalled: "He went out of the room, got himself a drink, came back and stood at the tall window looking out on Portman Square. I gave him several minutes of silence and then appealed to him to get it off his chest. He came back to his chair and confessed." He admitted being a Soviet agent and named twelve other associates as spies including Jenifer Hart, Michael Straight, John Cairncross, Bernard Floud, Phoebe Pool, Leo Long and Peter Ashby. (18)

Peter Wright went to interview Jenifer Hart. He later recalled in Spycatcher (1987): "Jenifer Hart was a fussy, middle-class woman, too old, I thought, for the fashionably short skirt and white net stockings she was wearing. She told her story quite straightforwardly, but had a condescending, disapproving manner, as if she equated my interest in the left-wing politics of the 1930s with looking up ladies' skirts. To her, it was rather vulgar and ungentlemanly. She said she was an open Party member in the 1930s, and was approached by a Russian, who from her description was definitely Otto (Arnold Deutsch).... She told us that she was merely part of the Party underground, and that she gave up meeting Otto when she joined the Home Office in 1938, where she worked in a highly sensitive department which processed applications for telephone intercepts. She told us, too, that she had never passed on any secret information." (19) Jenifer Hart, like the others named by Anthony Blunt, were given immunity from prosecution. However, two of the members of the Oxford spy-ring, Bernard Floud and Phoebe Pool, committed suicide.

In 1983 Jenifer Hart agreed to talk about her membership of the Communist Party of Great Britain on the BBC Timewatch programme. According to Hart the programme was trailed by "extremely misleading press releases". The Sunday Times published an article headlined "I Was Russian Spy, Says MI5 Man's Wife". The newspaper claimed that she had been a spy, and suggesting that her husband might have passed her information during his wartime work with MI5. She took legal action, winning only a "very brief and wholly inadequate apology" from the paper. (20) Tony Honoré has argued that "the episode contributed to Herbert Hart's nervous breakdown". (21)

Jenifer Hart died, aged 91, on 19th March, 2005.

Ironically, Jenifer Fisher Williams was married to a former wartime time MI5 officer, Herbert Hart, by the time her name emerged, so I visited her husband at Oxford, where he was pursuing a distinguished academic career as Professor of Jurisprudence, and asked him if he would approach his wife on my behalf. He rang her up there and then, assured her there was no threat to her position, and she agreed to meet me.

Jenifer Hart was a fussy, middle-class woman, too old, I thought, for the fashionably short skirt and white net stockings she was wearing. To her, it was rather vulgar and ungentlemanly.

She said she was an open Party member in the 1930s, and was approached by a Russian, who from her description was definitely Otto. Otto instructed her to go underground, and she used to meet him clandestinely at Kew Gardens. She told us, too, that she had never passed on any secret information.

She had two other contacts, she said. One was Bernard Floud, who recruited her, and the other man who controlled her for a short time she identified from a photograph as Arthur Wynn, a close friend of Edith Tudor Hart and her husband, who was active in trade union circles before joining the Civil Service.

There was no doubt in my mind, listening to Jennifer Hart, that this was a separate Ring based exclusively at Oxford University, but investigating it proved enormously difficult. Almost at once, Sir Andrew Cohen (who was at Cambridge and became a diplomat) died from a heart attack, so he was crossed off the list. Peter Floud was already dead, but his brother looked more hopeful when the Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, named him to a junior ministerial post in the Labor Government. MIS were asked to provide him with security clearance. We objected and requested permission to interrogate Floud about Jennifer Hart's allegation. Wilson had, at the time, a standing ban on any inquiries relating to MPs, but when he read the MI5 brief, he gave clearance for the interview.

Floud's attitude, when I began the interview, was extraordinary. He treated the matter as of little importance, and when I pressed him on Jennifer Hart's story he refused to either confirm or deny that he had recruited her.

"How can I deny it, if I can't remember anything about it?" he said repeatedly.

I was tough with him. I knew that his wife, an agoraphobic depressive, had recently committed suicide, but Floud was eager to conclude the interview, presumably lured by the scent of office. I explained to him in unmistakable terms that, since it was my responsibility to advise on his security clearance, I could not possibly clear him until he gave a satisfactory explanation for the Hart story. Still he fell back lamely on his lack of memory. The session ended inconclusively, and I asked for him to attend a further interview the following day. I did not make any progress with him, he maintaining that he had no recollection of recruiting Jennifer.

The next morning I got a message that Floud had committed suicide, apparently with a gas poker and a blanket. Not long after, Blunt telephoned me with more bad news.

"Phoebe's dead," he said.

"Good God, how?" I gasped.

"She threw herself under a tube..."

Three deaths, two of which were suicides, in such a small group of people, at a time when we were actively investigating them, seemed far more than bad luck. M15 was terrified that it would be linked publicly with the deaths, and all further work was suspended. Newspapers were already vigorously pursuing the story of Philby's role as the Third Man, and had discovered for the first time the seniority of his position in M16. Rumors of Blunt's involvement were also beginning to surface in Fleet Street. The entire scandalous tapestry was in danger of unraveling. That still left the problem of Arthur Wynn, who, by coincidence, was also due for promotion to the Deputy Secretary's job at the Board of Trade, which also required security clearance.

"What shall we do?" asked F. J. nervously.

"We should tell him we'll give him his clearance, if he tells the truth about the Ring. Otherwise no clearance ..."

"But that's blackmail," he said, doing his best to sound shocked I saw nothing unfair about my offer, but then, as I told F.J., I was never destined to be a diplomat or a politician.

"All these suicides," he said, "they'll ruin our image. We're just not that sort of Service."

The Oxford Ring completed my inquiries into the 1930s conspiracy. By the end of the 1960s the task was virtually complete, those involved nearing or well past retirement. We had identified every member of the Ring of Five and a number of others and their controllers. We knew how the Ring worked at various times, we knew what their communications were, whom they depended on, and where they went for help. We had also identified one major undiscovered spy, Watson, and another crucial source for the Russians during the period 1935-51, Proctor, as well as an important new Ring at Oxford. Altogether we had identified, dead or alive, nearly forty probable spies. Beyond that we had scrutinized carefully the records of dozens of people in every sphere of British public life. Most were given a clean bill of health, but some were found to be secret Communists or associates, and were removed from access or quietly encouraged to retire.

Of course, there were still loose ends. Klugman took his secrets with him, Otto was never identified, and the British end of the Rote Kapelle we never found. But we knew the most important thing of all-we knew how far the conspiracy extended. We knew our history, and we had no need to be afraid again. The vetting of a generation had been painful, certainly, more painful probably than it need have been had the inquiries been conducted at the right time, when the trails were still fresh. But we had exorcised the past, and we could at last return to the present again, not forgetting that there might be descendants from the people of the 1930s.

Jenifer Hart, who died on March 19 aged 91, was a pioneering woman civil servant and Oxford don; she was accused in later life of having been a Soviet spy, a charge which she denied.

In 1936, having passed the Civil Service entrance examination third from the top of the list (the first woman to do so well), Jenifer Hart was assigned to the Home Office, where, three years later, she became private secretary to the Permanent Under-secretary, Sir Alexander Maxwell.

In her autobiography, Ask Me No More (1998), Jenifer Hart admitted to having joined the Communist Party in the summer of 1933 and revealed that, before she moved to Whitehall, she had been advised to drop her official membership and go underground as a "sleeper". "Student friends in the Party said I would be more effective by going into the Civil Service as a secret Party member," she recalled. "I was unclear what, if anything, I as a civil servant would do for the British Communist Party, but I think I supposed that I would occasionally pass them useful information." There were then no security checks on candidates for the Civil Service; so her politics were not vetted, a fact which, she felt, justified her claim that she had not been "involved in any deception".

During her "first year or so" in the Civil Service, she admitted to having had "about six" clandestine meetings with anonymous party members, one an Englishman, one a foreigner who was, she suggested, trying to recruit her. The foreigner, code-named "Otto", is now known to have been Arnold Deutsch, the Soviet intelligence officer who handled Burgess and MacLean.

In the 1960s Jenifer Hart was interviewed twice by MI5 about her contacts while in the Home Office, one of her interrogators being Peter Wright. It was the start of what she called "a long and rather nasty affair" which reached its climax when she agreed to talk about her Communist past on the BBC Timewatch programme in 1983.

By her account, the programme was trailed by "extremely misleading press releases", and by a piece in the Sunday Times headlined "I Was Russian Spy, Says MI5 Man's Wife". In his book Spycatcher (1987), however, Wright revealed that Jenifer Hart had been identified as a member of the "Oxford Ring", a covert Communist cell, by fellow member Phoebe Pool, who had been named by the Soviet spy and art historian Anthony Blunt as his courier during the 1930s. Both Phoebe Pool and her fellow cell member, the Labour MP Bernard Floud, committed suicide in 1967 shortly after MI5 had interrogated Floud about his KGB connections.

Jenifer Hart denied passing any information to the Soviets, claiming that she had never been required to do so. If so, it seems the Soviets were somewhat remiss for, as Wright noted, she had "worked in a highly sensitive department which processed applications for telephone intercepts". Documents available at the Public Record Office show that she was directly involved in handling numerous MI5 applications for Home Office warrants for mail intercepts and telephone taps - information which would have been of enormous interest to the Russians, since the main targets were political extremists, including Communists. It is evident from other PRO documents, for example, that she played a key role in the surveillance of Aleksei Doschenko, a Soviet spy who was expelled from London in 1940.

Her solidarity with the proletariat was not unconditional. A London charlady, she recalled in her autobiography, had "such a pronounced accent that we never knew if her name was Mrs Day or Mrs Doy". Her husband's parents inhabited "a house where pretentious ornaments took the place of books and where non-U words abounded". When, after the death of her own parents, Jenifer Hart inherited Lamledra, their large cliff-top house in Cornwall, "my socialist principles as regards inheritance… evaporated", and the house became a holiday home for a shifting community of family, students and friends.

Although she had many friends and admirers, Jenifer Hart was not an easy colleague. When the principal of St Anne's retired in 1966, Jenifer had hoped to succeed her, but was "disappointed by the almost total lack of support for me among my colleagues".

She was, for some years, one of the University members on Oxford City Council, where she merited the gratitude of future generations of amorous and tipsy undergraduates by being the only councillor to vote against a proposal (abortive, as it turned out) to build a road across Christ Church Meadow....

The Harts' retirement was overshadowed by the spying allegations, a controversy which probably contributed to Herbert Hart's suffering a nervous breakdown. From then on Jenifer Hart found herself coping with the competing needs of her youngest child, who had been born handicapped, and her increasingly frail husband, who died in 1992.
Jenifer Hart's second book, Proportional Representation: Critics of the British electoral system 1820-1945, was published in 1992.

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Jenifer Hart

Jenifer Hart, who has died aged 91, had a life of intense activity and achievement: a pioneering career in the civil service, a distinguished record as a fellow of St Anne's College, Oxford, and a rich family life with the philosopher HLA Hart. Her death marks the disappearance of one of the most remarkable British women of the 20th century, and of a world in which a belief in the aristocracy of the intellect could sit alongside a genuine social egalitarianism.

Jenifer was the second of the four daughters of Sir John Fischer Williams, an international lawyer and member of the Reparations Commission, and Marjorie Hay Murray. Her childhood was spent in London, Oxford, Cornwall and Paris, where she was educated, before moving to Downe House in 1927. She was impatient with her mother and later wrote of her regrets about this blighted relationship. By contrast she admired her father, and this shaped her political commitments and intellectual ambitions.

Jenifer graduated in history from Somerville College, Oxford, with a first-class degree in 1935. In the 1936 civil service exam she was placed third out of 493 candidates, the highest ranking ever achieved by a woman to that date. Her ambition to join the civil service itself marked her out: no woman had been successful in the exam between 1931 and 1934. But this was by no means her primary distinction. Even by the standards of the gifted group in which she moved, Jenifer was exceptional fair-skinned, golden-red haired and slender, she exuded vitality, determination, intensity, intelligence. Strongly contrasting elements made up her personality: her high principles combined with a taste for gossip her intellectual seriousness was juxtaposed with an irreverent wit her rationalism combined with impulsiveness her sophistication was counterpoised with an occasionally startling naivete her politics were radical, but they sat alongside a residual hauteur.

Jenifer grew up with a strong social conscience and awareness of the brutality of poverty. Like many of her contemporaries, she saw the Communist party as the only vehicle for the pursuit of an internationalist socialism which promised a resolution of social injustice and mass unemployment. Accordingly, she joined in 1935.

This early affiliation was to haunt her. Interviews with various spycatchers over the years persuaded the authorities that Jenifer had never passed secrets: by 1939 her sympathy for communism was in the past, effaced by her engagement with social democrats such as her husband Herbert Hart, Douglas and Peggy Jay, and by events in the Soviet Union.

But in 1983, her unguarded remarks to a journalist resulted in an article alleging that she had been a spy and insinuating that her husband might have passed her information from his wartime position in MI5. The episode culminated in an aborted libel case, a half-hearted apology from The Sunday Times, and a nervous breakdown for Herbert.

Jenifer's relationship with Herbert, whom she met in 1936 and married in 1941, was an attraction of opposites and a meeting of minds. Her reckless temperament, political energy and class certainties contrasted with his more cautious and less confident disposition, while they shared not only a fierce liberal rationalism but an asceticism which combined with enthusiasm for causes, places, people, poetry.

Jenifer's partnership with Herbert was enduring, but also complicated. She liked a challenge, and in the passionate early period of their relationship this was how she regarded Herbert's ambivalence about his sexuality. But she later found it hard to distinguish from rejection, and this underpinned her need to form relationships with other intellectually powerful men such as Michael Oakeshott and, most importantly, Isaiah Berlin. For her, this was not a betrayal: she believed in the possibility of loving more than one person.

The meeting of minds, too, had its limits: though drawn by Herbert's intellect, Jenifer never shared his philosophical outlook, and his work remained a closed book to her. Though the analytic temper of her own work was doubtless influenced by their relationship, her interests remained grounded in the political and the social.

Jenifer's civil service career was in the Home Office: she worked on youth justice in the children's branch before moving to work with the permanent under secretary Sir Alexander Maxwell with whom she had a fruitful working relationship. She enjoyed working on public issues - in her ultimate rank as principal they included defence regulations and the police.

She retained a deep hostility to institutional barriers to women (she was granted exceptional exemption from the civil service bar on married women in 1941). In later years, those from the civil service or elsewhere who came to Oxford to recruit her students needed to have a convincing account of their policy on women's careers if they were not to risk a vigorous verbal assault. Yet Jenifer's attitude to feminism was ambivalent, and she regarded those of us who saw a broader role for feminist activism in Oxford with a bemusement that bordered on disapproval.

In 1945, Herbert turned his back on his legal career, took a post at New College and began the philosophical work for which he would become famous. Two years later, Jenifer resigned her civil service post and moved to Oxford. This was a wrench. But she was not one to submit to what David Cecil famously described as the "colonial" conditions facing wives of Oxford's male academics, and she set about establishing a second career. As Gwilym Gibbon fellow of Nuffield College she worked on her important study The British Police (1951), still a standard reference point in the history of public administration, and contributed to the university's extramural studies programme.

She was elected to a fellowship in modern history at St Anne's in 1952. Here she became both a pillar of the college establishment and a critical thorn in its side. Legendary in her acumen as a teacher and in her concern for her students, she was an Oxford tutor of the classic mould.

A believer in "the Oxford definition of a secret: something one tells to only one person at a time", Jenifer was the mistress of the devastating aside. One colleague was "a man who handles a lot of books", while another, a famous philosopher whom she had known well, was "an awful man: I wouldn't have dreamt of having an affair with him, but I may have slept with him once or twice".

This dismissiveness masked Jenifer's generosity. Her support of students inspired loyalty and devotion. In her memoir The Spiral Staircase (2004), Karen Armstrong tells a moving story of Jenifer rescuing her from voluntary admission to a mental hospital. Arriving unexpectedly, Jenifer exclaimed: "My dear! You must be mad!"

This inventive generosity also characterised her relationship with her fourth child, Jacob, whose brain was damaged at birth. The uncharacteristic difficulty that she initially had in recognising Jacob's condition marks the scale of her achievement in forming such a deep bond with him and in overcoming her deep-seated awkwardness in expressing affection and approval. Jenifer grew through her love for Jacob, and this growth made for more expansive personal relationships with others, too. This, along with her zest for life, enriched the unforgettable house parties to which the Harts treated their many friends at her Cornish childhood home of Lamledra.

On her retirement in 1981, Jenifer plunged back into writing. Taking up a long-standing interest, she began work on a major history of proportional representation, published in 1992 and warmly received. Her continuing interest in the administration of criminal justice found both academic and practical outlets in criminology seminars, and as a volunteer for the probation service and Victim Support.

After Herbert's death in 1992, she turned to autobiography. Ask Me No More (1998) stands as a fascinating testament to the times in which she lived. Given that her own intellectual life had been lived in the shadow of Herbert's, it is poignant that her final project was to organise his papers and arrange for a biography. As Herbert's biographer, I was the beneficiary of the integrity which enabled her to look the sometimes painful facts of his life in the face. Rarely if ever can a biographer have enjoyed such a steadfast commitment to authenticity in the widow of her subject.

Their daughter and three sons survive her.

· Jenifer Hart, civil servant and historian, born January 29 1914 died March 19 2005

Dr. Jennifer Hart gives back to Fulbright students

Dr. Jennifer Hart hosted a group of Fulbrighters from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, India, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Turkey. They enjoyed a delicious vegetarian gluten-free dinner and talked about global politics, the future of academia, the global economy, colonialism and neocolonialism, US politics, fun things to do in Detroit, and all of their dreams and aspirations for their programs over the last several years.

As a former Fulbrighter herself, Hart says, "it was gratifying to give back. I&rsquove done a few of these kinds of dinners &ndash the last one a group of young Algerians who we hosted through Global Ties Detroit - and I love them."

Two White Moms. Six Black Kids. One Unthinkable Tragedy. A Look Inside the ‘Perfect’ Hart Family

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The cliff is exactly the kind of place Jennifer Hart loved to photograph her kids for Facebook. It has a green-edged bluff right off California's Highway 1, with a gravel strip leading straight to a dramatic 100-foot drop into the Pacific. In other circumstances, on other trips, Jen and her wife, Sarah, might have pulled to the side of the road and lined up their brood as they often did: backs to the camera, hands raised in peace signs, a Technicolor sunset framing their silhouettes. They were Markis, 19, Hannah, 16, Devonte, 15, Abigail, 14, Jeremiah, 14, and Sierra, 12—two sets of black biological siblings adopted by two white moms—a beautiful family, by most accounts. Friends called them the Hart Tribe.

From left: Hannah, Abigail, Sierra, Jeremiah, Jen, Devonte, Markis, and Sarah Hart at a Bernie Sanders rally in Vancouver, Washington, in 2016. The family often wore matching T-shirts.

But the photo from March 26 would not be like the other pictures taken on countless family road trips. The photo the world saw from that day was of the family Yukon belly-up on the rocks below the scenic overpass. After rescue workers rappelled down the cliff, they lifted the dead bodies of three children and spotted two more corpses: 38-year-old Sarah in the back and Jen, also 38, in the driver's seat. The coroner found diphenhydramine, an ingredient commonly found in allergy medicines like Benadryl, in the bodies of Sarah and two of the kids Jen's blood alcohol content was over the legal limit. No one had been wearing a seatbelt. The car's computer revealed that Jen had stopped on a gravel pullout some 70 feet from the cliff moments before the free fall, and then accelerated. "I'm to the point where I no longer am calling this as an accident," the county sheriff declared 10 days later. "I'm calling it a crime."

Back near the Harts' home in Woodland, Washington, 561 miles to the north, Dana DeKalb had yet to hear any of the gruesome details, but when she saw the pictures of the overturned vehicle on TV, she immediately turned to her husband: "That's our neighbors."

Within a day of the crash, news vans pulled into the gravel driveway that forks to the DeKalbs' red split-level on the left and the Harts' baby-blue one on the right, both built in the ❰s by two brothers whoɽ divided the property. The couple walked outside to meet the onslaught—Dana's voice trembling her husband Bruce looking on stoically. Two weeks later they greeted a man from South Dakota who identified himself as Sarah's dad, out with his son and wife to pick up some personal effects.

Dana DeKalb is an earthy 58-year-old who tracks her steps with a Samsung smartwatch when she's not chatting into it with her two grown children. Two decades ago she and Bruce moved from a California cul-de-sac to this spot in the foothills of the Cascades, where you can see clear to Mt. St. Helens. Their days usually include some beating back of the Washington wild, then a venture on Jet Ski or kayak.

Bruce and Dana DeKalb at home in Woodland, Washington in July 2018

At the end of last summer, their retirement idyll was interrupted when a small, frightened girl wrapped in a fleece blanket rang their doorbell at 1:30 in the morning. There were twigs in her hair, Bruce noticed as he opened the door. Her front teeth were missing. Frantically, the girl explained that she lived next door and had jumped out her second-floor window. "Hide me," she pleaded. "They whip us with a belt."

In the three months the new neighbors had lived next door, the DeKalbs had never seen any kids in yard, but theyɽ exchanged a quick hello with Sarah Hart when she jumped out of her car to introduce herself. (Jen had remained behind the wheel.)

Now this young girl bolted past Bruce, up the steps, and into the bedroom where Dana was sleeping. "You gotta help. Please protect me! Don't make me go back!" she said, waking Dana. "They're racists, and they abuse us!"

Flashlights soon strobed over the front yard, followed by voices calling, "Hannah!" Several kids and two women stood at the DeKalbs’ door. Without asking permission, Sarah and Jen entered the house, looking all over before jetting upstairs to the bedroom, where Hannah was balled up between the bed and dresser. There, Jen took charge and Dana—still bleary, she says, from an herbal supplement sheɽ taken for her insomnia—agreed to leave mother and daughter in the room alone. When Hannah padded back down the stairs a minute later, she stared straight ahead.

"You need to tell these people you're sorry," Jen said.

"And you need to explain you just had a really bad week."

Dana planned to call Child Protective Services in the morning. But at 6:30 A.M., the DeKalb's doorbell rang. They ignored it. An hour later it rang again.

This time the DeKalbs relented and opened the door to see the entire Hart family standing in a row. Both mothers were there, but it was Jen who talked for nearly an hour. She said the kids were adopted and had been "drug babies." She said Hannah was 12, and that her mom had been bipolar. (Twelve? Dana thought, looking at Hannah, the shortest member of the bunch. She looked much younger.) Hannah’s teeth were missing, Jen continued, because sheɽ knocked them out in a fall and didn't want them replaced. The kids were homeschooled because one of the boys, Devonte, had been bullied.

"Hello?" Jen said. "We're two lesbian moms with six black kids."

She told the DeKalbs theyɽ moved to Washington—to a place with a grazing pasture and a hen house—because it had been the kids' dream to raise animals, grow their own food, and be "self-sufficient." She said that Sarah was an assistant manager at Kohl’s 20 minutes down the highway. When she mentioned that their oldest son, Markis, was 19, Bruce piped up, "You must be getting ready to leave the house, then?"

Jen answered for him: "We certainly hope he's not leaving."

Dana asked if she could have a moment alone with Hannah, but Jen declined: "We do everything as a family," she said.

Then Hannah handed over a note she had scrawled in green letters.

A note 16-year-old Hannah gave the DeKalbs after begging them to “protect” her in 2017. It reads: "I stopped this morning because I feel awful about disturbing your peace and worring [sic] you in the middle of the night. I was very frustrated with my brother and didn't handle things very maturely, and I'm sorry for telling lies to get attention. I'm working on being more honest and find better ways to communicate my frustrations. I've been pretty sad about 2 of our cats dying recently, so I was just very sad and frustrated last night. Thank you for being kind."

Dana didn't think the note sounded like something a child would write—the language smacked of parental coaching. But it also introduced an element of doubt into the equation. What if Hannah was a kid with a troubled past who lied to get attention? Plus, Jen had explained everything with such breezy confidence. "She sold it well," Dana recalls. "She was good."

She still wanted to report what had happened, but her husband was reluctant to create drama with the new neighbors—especially after a years-long dispute with a previous owner over the property line. "Bruce doesn't do confrontation," she says. But she eventually told her 80-year-old dad about Hannah's visit. Two months later Dana's dad, Steve Frkovich, called 911, telling the dispatcher, "I just can't sit with this. I believe those kids are being highly abused." Someone from the county sheriff's office called the DeKalbs to ask whether there had been more incidents, and Dana explained what she had observed: The kids were almost always indoors. She remembers being told, "It's not illegal to keep kids inside." There was no other follow-up.

A Clark County Sheriff's Office spokesman later pointed to the the lapse of time and the fact that Dana hadn’t witnessed any more incidents in the interim. "There was nothing [in that call] that said I better go up there,” says County Sergeant Brent Waddell. “There wasn’t anything we could have done.”

Eventually, Dana would learn that Hannah was actually 16. But by then it was too late.

Sarah Gengler and Jen Hart both grew up in small-town South Dakota and met when they were in school at Northern State University in Aberdeen. Sarah earned her degree in special education Jen never graduated. Later Jen would describe on Facebook how she purposely called Sarah her "friend" or her "roommate" back then. Once they did come out as a couple, "the Midwestern mind-set was relentlessly unforgiving and unaccepting," she said in a Facebook post, claiming that she’d lost friends as a result. The pair eventually moved to Alexandria, Minnesota, a lake town, where they worked at Herberger's, the biggest department store in the Viking Plaza Mall. When Sarah became a manager, she placed a cuddly photo of herself and Jen on her desk—a bold move for the time.

Jen, who worked in the juniors department, was the bigger personality of the two—confident, funny, "kind of abrasive—that would be the Minnesota term for it," recalls Jordan Smith, then a 19-year-old working at the store’s Clinique counter. Jen also had a history of breaking the rules: Back in college sheɽ gotten arrested for stealing running shoes and Green Bay Packers collecting cards from a Shopko. (While being questioned at the time, she volunteered that sheɽ stolen movies on an earlier occasion too.) At Herberger's, after complaining to Smith about the "sexist" nipples on female mannequins, Jen used a hacksaw to remove the offending anatomy herself. Sarah was more sensitive, Smith recalls sheɽ be "nearly in tears" during high-pressure days when theyɽ count inventory. It was Jen's last name the couple used as their own.

In 2004, in their mid-twenties, Sarah and Jen took in a 15-year-old foster daughter. According to Smith, the couple immediately started complaining about the teen, saying she would pick food out of the garbage. ("It felt like mean girl gossip—like, 'Ugh, she's the worst,'" Smith says.) That girl, now in her late twenties, told The Seattle Times that she lived with the Harts for less than a year and never ate out of the trash. She said she believed sheɽ have a home with the Harts until she turned 18, but then the women dropped her off at her therapist's office and never returned.

Sarah, at left, and Jen Hart celebrating their eighteenth anniversary in 2017. "When love is your guide," Jen wrote on Facebook, where she openly discussed the "immense challenges" of being a gay couple in middle America, "anything is possible."

Two years later, in 2006, Jen and Sarah took in three siblings from the Texas foster system: Markis, seven, Hannah, four, and Abigail, two. Statistically speaking, the kids fell into several categories that might have made them hard to place with adoptive families. They were black (black children are overrepresented in foster care and less likely to be adopted out of it), and it can be more difficult to find families willing to take on multiple siblings. In a Facebook post, Jen dramatically described her first night as a mother of three: Abigail "urinated everywhere" and gashed her chin falling down the stairs Hannah smeared feces on the wall and "gorged herself with food until she…needed the Heimlich, resulting in episodes of projectile vomiting." Markis, she said, hit his head on a closet wall and, "in multiple voices," claimed to be possessed by demons. Yet she and Sarah were committed to healing the kids over time. "If not us—WHO?" she wrote.

Soon after, the new family was pictured on an adoption agency site, smiling and happy—this time seeking up to three more kids of “any” ethnicity up to eight years old. In the spring of 2008, they took in three more foster kids: five-year-old Devonte and his younger siblings, Jermiah, four, and Ciera, three.

From very early on, there were warning signs of abuse. According to an Alexandria, Minnesota, police report, in September of 2008, six-year-old Hannah showed up at school with bruising on her arm and told a teacher that her mother had whipped her with a belt. Authorities interviewed Jennifer and Sarah, who said they weren't sure how it happened. Maybe, they said, it was the result of a fall down eight steps a few days before. No criminal charges were filed, and two months later the women took their three school-age kids out of school. The following fall they were reenrolled. (Jen later told a social worker this was a requirement of the adoption agency.)

In early 2009, even though Priscilla Celestine—Devonte, Jeremiah, and Sierra’s aunt—had been fighting for custody for more than two years, the women adopted the siblings. (The Harts changed the spellings of the younger children’s names.) "Because of pressure from the states [for permanent homes for foster kids], adoption does become transactional," says April Dinwoodie, former chief executive of the New York City–based Donaldson Adoption Institute, who is familiar with cases like the Harts'. "Once you're in the system, it's easier to go back to parents who are already proven." Jen wrote on Facebook about walking into a CPS center in Texas, saying Jeremiah immediately hugged her legs and said, "You my momma now."

Back in Minnesota, Jen stayed home with the kids while Sarah kept working in retail, eventually becoming a sales area manager at Herberger's. Later that year the women married in Connecticut with only their children as witnesses, "because our support system was so small," Jen wrote.

The family as they appeared on Jen Hart's perfectly curated Facebook feed (1/3): Jeremiah and Devonte, who were pulled out of school in 2013, get an education in the great outdoors in 2014.

The family as they appeared on Jen Hart's perfectly curated Facebook feed (2/3): The Hart children with their moms at the 2013 Mystic Festival in Mystic, Connecticut, one of the many "transformational festivals" the family attended over the years.

The family as they appeared on Jen Hart's perfectly curated Facebook feed (3/3): The six Hart children strike their trademark pose at Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond, Oregon, in 2013.

The Harts did find a community that embraced their rainbow family. Over the years they became regular attendees at "transformational festivals," days-long socially conscious mashups of music, yoga, dance, and whimsical costumes. In 2013 the family relocated from Minnesota to Portland, Oregon—a move that brought them closer to many of their favorite musicians. In the upscale suburb of West Linn, they settled into a modest rented ranch house where they raised goats and chickens in the backyard. Sarah got another job, this time as an area supervisor at Kohl's—and Jen started taking the kids on frequent cross-country road trips to national parks and festivals, often in matching jean jackets or T-shirts. Once, at the Beloved Festival in the coastal woods, Devonte stole the show when he hugged a musician onstage. The moment is forever immortalized on YouTube.

Between shows the festival community kept close tabs on each other on Facebook, where Jen racked up the likes. Her status updates wove a years-running narrative, starring herself as the world's most progressive parent. "She was a master poster," a friend recalls. Her feed showed Abigail and Sierra covered in mud holding their fists to their chests ("Warrior women!") Abigail and Devonte eating breakfast with hens perched on their heads ("Vegetarian chicken and waffles") Devonte, Jeremiah, and Sierra painting on the living room floor ("Mini Jackson Pollocks") all six kids grinning with a “Kindness is contagious” sign. There were pictures of the kids hugging a redwood and playing Twister on the beach. If any of Jen's followers noticed that Markis' face was so thin his jawbone popped out at a rigid angle or that Jeremiah looked alarmingly bony ("That's my string bean!" Jen wrote), they didn't mention it in their glowing comments. "Will you all just adopt me now? Pleazze?" one said. Each post reaffirmed the same storyline: Here are two moms and their rehabilitated kids thriving against all odds. With the Harts, the narrative was, "You saved them, awesome," according to family friend Ian Sperling.

A Facebook photo of "mini Jackson Pollocks" Devonte, Sierra, and Jeremiah at home in 2013. A friend recalls Jen Hart, who often used the social media platform as a way to communicate familial bliss, as a "master poster."

Jen also wrote about the challenges of raising black children in a racist world. She reported that Devonte had been called the N-word in downtown Portland, and after white supremacists marched on Charlottesville, Virginia, she posted a note reminding "White America" that "having black friends, spouses, or children does not make us immune to racism." Though Sarah wasn't as active on social media, Jen often posted glowing tributes to her wife on their wedding anniversary or screenshots of text conversations in which Sarah played cheerleader to Jen's traveling and pet-adopting whims.

"There was nothing about the way Jen was presenting their life that seemed at all at odds with my understanding of who they were," says Zippy Lomax, a festival friend who took pictures of the family.

Says Sperling: "Everyone was envious. They were the perfect people with the perfect kids." Back then, he saw the couple as "overachievers," out to prove something to the world. Why he didn’t see anything but Jen’s version of her family is simple: “Because you couldn’t.”

As admirers fawned on social media, a different version of the Harts emerged in government files.

In Minnesota, where all six children were in public school, staff continued to notice red flags. In November 2010, six-year-old Abigail reported "owies" to her teacher. According to a police report, the girl said that after a penny fell out of her pocket—the moms thought sheɽ stolen it—Jen "took her into the bathroom and put her head in cold water" and struck her with a fist. Upon noticing bruises on Abigail's back and stomach, investigators interviewed the other Hart kids, who said they were often grounded, spanked, or sent to their beds without food.

But when Jen and Sarah were questioned separately, they told a different story. Sarah said she’d been the one who hit Abigail in anger. Jen backed up her accounts, and investigators believed them. "They were a little guarded. They didn't want anyone in their business," says former police sergeant Larry Dailey, who interviewed the Harts that day. "But I assume the one who says, 'I actually did the spanking,' was the one who did the spanking."

The school also reported instances of the kids saying they hadn’t been fed or asking classmates for food. The moms would later tell a social worker that the kids had food issues “which the school didn’t understand." In 2011, two days before Sarah was convicted of "misdemeanor domestic assault" and sentenced to a year of community service and probation, the mothers pulled all six kids out of school. This time, they never went back.

The Hart Tribe was officially off the grid.

By law, parents who want to homeschool their children must notify their district, and kids still typically have to take certain standardized tests. The Harts never registered their kids as homeschooled in Oregon, but news of the family still reached authorities in 2013, when two whistleblowers called CPS. According to a CPS report, the first informant said, “Jen does this thing for her Facebook page, where the kids pose and are made to look like one big happy family, but after the photo event, they go back to looking lifeless." (This person also claimed that the children were like “trained robots," looking to Jen for permission to answer questions. They appeared to be “scared to death of Jen.”)

Food seemed to be a major source of stress in the Hart family. One whistleblower mentioned that Jen had allowed each kid only a single slice of pizza for dinner, and when it turned out that someone had eaten more during the night, she punished all six children by making them wear sleeping masks and lie on an air mattress for five hours. The whistleblower noted that the kids would eat freely while Jen wasn’t around, but once she entered the room they’d deny they’d eaten at all.

Both informants agreed that the only kid who got any proper attention was Devonte. They told authorities that the moms were hardest on Hannah and Markis, “either ignoring or berating him.”

Another caller to CPS identified herself as Alexandra Argyropoulos, a friend with whom the family stayed with on two occasions, once for two weeks, in her San Francisco Bay Area home. In a statement after their deaths, she said Jen ran the family "like a regimented boot camp," not letting the kids cry and punishing them for laughing too loudly. Also, according to Argyropoulos, "True kindness, love, and respect for the kids was largely absent."

Child welfare visited the West Linn house in August of 2013, just weeks after the family returned from the Beloved festival, and interviewed each of the siblings separately (though the moms were initially hesitant about this arrangement). According to a CPS report, Devonte volunteered to go first, and all of the kids' answers were nearly identical. None mentioned past episodes of abuse, and Markis said he was grateful for the moms for “changing his life.” One social worker noted that, with the exception of Devonte, “the kids appeared very reserved and showed little emotion or animation.”

When it was their turn to speak to caseworkers, Jen and Sarah reported that Abigail had been “labeled borderline mentally retarded” (but said they didn’t believe the diagnosis) and that Jeremiah was “globally delayed,” possibly even autistic. They also explained Hannah’s missing front teeth: She’d knocked them out while running on a hardwood floor the year before. (Hannah told the CPS workers she needed to wait until she was 17 to get a retainer with teeth.)

The caseworker’s report noted that Jen was "adamant that many of the family's issues stemmed from others not understanding [their] alternative lifestyle.” (Jen said she only disciplined the kids by talking to them or making them meditate for five minutes.) When Oregon CPS raised the issue of the Minnesota abuse report to Sarah, she “became emotional” and said, “It just got out of control.” According to the report, the Minnesota Child Welfare worker warned: "The problem is these women look normal." The Oregon caseworker’s report also showed that all but one of the kids had fallen off the growth chart for their ages, but the doctor didn’t have any past medical records to compare them against and didn’t have concerns, also noting the kids seemed “very intelligent.” Officials determined that while "there are some indications of child abuse or neglect," there wasn't enough data to prove that it had occurred. The state closed the case. (In April 2018, Oregon child welfare services issued a statement, saying they had made the records public in order “to prevent a similar incident from happening again in Oregon or any other state.”)

Jen and Sarah continued to use their family to attract attention. In December 2014, after a Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury refused to indict a white police officer who had killed a black teen, the family appeared at a Black Lives Matter protest in Portland. There, Devonte, who was in tears—and wearing a fedora and a leather jacket, and carrying a "Free Hugs" sign—approached a cop in riot gear. The cop would later tell reporters that heɽ said to the boy, "I'm sorry" and asked him for a hug. Devonte obliged and photographers snapped pictures as tears streamed down his cheeks.

Devonte hugging a police officer at a 2014 Black Lives Matter protest in Oregon. The photo, which went viral, sparked a nationwide debate about whether the moment was staged.

After the photo of Devonte went viral, hitting the national news and even appearing in a skit on Saturday Night Live, it triggered a nationwide debate. Was the image a symbolic moment of racial healing or—as Alex Riedlinger, a Portland photographer whoɽ witnessed the moment, noted on Tumblr—semi-staged theater? "Every picture I’ve seen crops out the circus of photographers that surrounded these two," he wrote. "Devonte was crying before approaching the officer while he was talking to his guardian, presumably because he was terrified. This brings the question of coercion to my mind."

According to a Clark County sheriff's report, Sarah later told a Kohl's coworker that the event had changed Jen, who claimed she was getting death threats. Sperling says Jen called him crying—"her stress level going through the roof." She told him she had turned down offers to appear on national TV and had to dress the kids in Star Wars costumes so they could play outside without being recognized. She also warned her Facebook followers against posting images of the kids online: "Understand that these kids come from incredibly fragile and challenging beginnings in life and we have done our very best to protect the past from seeping back into their lives."

In 2016 Jen wrote to her followers, “We’ve come to realize that some think our lives are next to perfect. We’re human, and we struggle through life’s ­obstacle course just like everyone else.” Later that year Jen took a six-month hiatus from social media. She reemerged in the spring of 2017, writing, "This. Year. Slammed. Us. Hard,” and announced that the family had relocated to Woodland, Washington, saying that theyɽ invite people out "when the time is right."

After their move to Washington, Sperling made plans to hang out with the Hart family, but they canceled at the last moment. The last time he saw them in person was in November 2017 at a Nahko and Medicine for the People concert in Portland. In a quiet moment, Sperling told Sarah that she seemed worn down. She said, "I'm just so tired." He hugged her, said he was sorry she had to put in so many hours at work to support the family of eight, and Sarah answered, "Thanks. I don't hear that very often." He noticed that Sarah took most of the kids home after soundcheck, while Devonte stayed on with Jen through the concert. Later Sperling mentioned to his wife that something was off with the Harts. "At the time," he says with remorse, "you're just happy they're human."

After the middle-of-the-night interruption from Hannah, Dana DeKalb says she spent a lot of time looking out her front window at the house next door. "I was obsessed," she says. She didn't have a clear view—a dense row of evergreens stands between the houses—but she could see Jen's Yukon and Sarah's Pontiac Sunfire coming and going. She also found other ways to keep watch: She checked her mailbox more often she worked in the lower yard she power-walked up and down the drive, noticing little things. Like the way Jen circled the Yukon and let the kids out, door by door, before they all went single-file into the house. Or the way Devonte was the only kid who did yard work, hauling large bags of dirt by himself. Mostly, Dana noticed how rarely the kids left the house. How the blinds were always drawn.

The DeKalbs say everything changed on a Thursday in March when Devonte approached Bruce as he worked on his truck and asked for tortillas. They didn't think this was so out of the ordinary—like a neighbor asking for a cup of sugar. But then the 15-year-old returned Friday morning, and again Saturday evening just before the DeKalbs were going out of town. Each time, Devonte would nervously glance back down the driveway and plead with Bruce and Dana not to tell his parents. He wouldn't come inside but would accept several protein bars, then come back later for more. Once he showed up with a wish list: peanut butter, fruits, bagels, "cured meats," and "nonperishables." He asked the DeKalbs to place these items in a box by the fence in a place where his moms couldn't see.

Dana asked questions—lots of them—and after Devonte would leave, sheɽ type up notes on her phone. "I wanted to have enough information so CPS couldn't ignore me," she says. She noted that the boy's head seemed larger than his body, and that he claimed his parents withheld food, sometimes for days at a time. He confided that Sarah used to push back on Jen, but not anymore. "Everything Hannah told you was true," he told Dana. "My mom just told you those things to make you happy."

"That just crushed me," she says. Still, he begged her not to call the cops or “they’ll split us up.”

On Friday, March 23, after 10 visits from Devonte, Dana called Child Protective Services. That afternoon a CPS worker coming to visit the Hart house saw Jen's Yukon pull into the driveway. But when she rang the bell minutes later, no one answered, so she left her card in the door. (The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services says they attempted to contact the family on three occasions—March 23, 26, and 27—and were unable to reach them.) Less than an hour later, Dana saw Sarah's Sunfire tear up the driveway to the house. That evening Bruce and Dana noticed that the bright red kayak theyɽ always seen on top of the Yukon had been taken down. The next day the Yukon was gone, and cinder blocks from a retaining wall were scattered about the driveway, hinting at a hasty departure. "I'm like, 'Shit's getting real,'" Dana says. She figured they wanted to get away temporarily. "We knew they were running, but it never occurred to me that they needed to be intercepted."

The cliff where the wreckage of the family was found on March 26, 2018

The ledge between California's Highway 1 and a 100-foot drop

The rocky coastline near where the Harts' Yukon was discovered by a German tourist

There were no Facebook posts about the Harts' final road trip, as their phones pinged off cell towers down the Oregon coast into California. Sarah had been scheduled to open Kohl's at 6:00 A.M. on Saturday morning, but at 3:00 A.M. she texted coworkers: "I am so sorry. I thought I would be able to go to work but I'm too sick to come in."

On Sunday morning a surveillance camera in a Fort Bragg Safeway captured Jen, in eyeglasses and a hoodie, paying $20.08 in cash for groceries (bananas, carrots, Chef Boyardee beef ravioli, wheat bread, cereal bars, and Saltines), using her club card for discounts. She was alone and maybe 25 pounds heavier than friends had ever seen her.

On Monday afternoon a Kohl's coworker called 911 and requested a welfare check on Sarah, who had uncharacteristically missed work all weekend and hadn't responded to texts. About two hours later, a German tourist reported the Yukon, just 25 minutes away from the Safeway. The bodies of Markis, Abigail, and Jeremiah were found a few hundred yards from the wreckage. Two weeks later Sierra’s body washed ashore.

A slew of investigators began trawling through the remnants of the Harts' life, combing through the moms' phones and social media accounts, and searching their house. Animal control came to collect the pets they left behind. An elite FBI behavioral analysis unit that had worked on the Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer cases joined the efforts to solve the mystery.

Other than a ripped-open bag of chicken feed on the living room floor and some clothing strewn on the mothers' bed, investigators found the home's interior orderly to the point of seeming "sterile." The split-level had recently been renovated with new wooden floors and freshly painted walls (Jen had shared pictures of the kids working industriously). Empty picture frames hung on the walls, and the room where the kids slept on two small beds and a mattress on the floor had nothing to personalize it. (There was one single bed found in an adjacent room.) Other than a few board games and a library of books, investigators found little that would entertain a house full of teens. One officer wrote, "I did not get the indication that children lived in the house." However, the investigators did find a pipe and a jar of Purple Widow cannabis—a strain thought to mellow depression—and a refrigerator stocked with lunch meat, fresh beef, hot dogs, and chicken. So much for the vegetarian lifestyle Jen touted on Facebook.

As news and damning headlines dribbled out in the days and weeks following the crash ("Drunk, drugged, and seemingly on the run," CNN's headline blared, some who knew the Harts scrambled to social media to defend them. Jen’s high school teachers and classmates posted on Facebook about her compassion. The musician Nahko Bear, one of Jen’s favorite performers, tweeted, "Devonte had a history of [an] eating disorder. It was not unusual that he was always hungry or not hungry at all." Another Portland musician posted a photo of the Harts in matching Dr. Seuss T-shirts, accompanied by a denouncement of "hateful, manipulative news stories and hurtful narratives being spread on social media about our beloved family." Zippy Lomax was quoted in The Oregonian as saying, "Jen and Sarah were the kind of parents this world desperately needs."

But the public wasn't buying it. Armchair sleuths convened in private Facebook forums to pore over each detail of the case and each seemingly idyllic image on Jen’s feed looking for answers and doling out pop psychology diagnoses. Jen was a "narcissist," Sarah an "enabler." One woman messaged Dana DeKalb asking if Dana would look for bodies in the forest behind her house. (Dana declined.) Enraged commenters trawled through Jen’s YouTube videos—including a birthday trip for Sarah in which every moment appears to be choreographed and another where four kids sing along to one of Nahko’s songs, with the chorus, “We are so provided for.”

Bruce and Dana DeKalb at home in Woodland, Washington in July 2018

Adding outrage to the discourse was the fact the kids had been removed from their black families and placed with white parents who were deemed more fit. "For the Harts, it seems likely that their whiteness netted them multiple passes despite all the warning signs," wrote Morgan State University professor Stacey Patton in The Washington Post. Shonda Jones, the Houston attorney who represented Sierra, Devonte, and Jeremiah's aunt in her custody battle, says she is still haunted by how her client was treated 10 years ago: "I don't believe that Ms. Celestine had ever had as much as a traffic ticket. She went to work, home and, church," she says. "The court seemed to have had a complete disregard for her."

The presiding judge for that court was Patrick Shelton, who is now retired. In response to questions from The Appeal about how the Harts were allowed to adopt Devonte, Jermiah, and Ciera after an allegation of child abuse had already been made against them, he pointed to the lack of criminal charges in Minnesota. “Unless there’s a criminal charge, what can you do? Believe it or not, kids get bruises that do not get beat.” Shelton also denies reports that he, or his associate judge, favored nonrelative adoptions over placements with family members.

A week after his initial defense of Jen and Sarah, as the accounts of abuse piled up, Ian Sperling returned to Facebook. "It seems obvious that we didn't know Jen and Sarah Hart as well as we thought we knew them," he wrote. "They didn't let people IN, looking back." Sperling had believed his friends when they told him the kids' birth moms used drugs while pregnant, which resulted in developmental delays. (Records about the first trio of siblings are sealed, but ones for Devonte, Jermiah, and Ciera Davis show that, at the time of their adoption, Devonte had an inhaler and was taking medication for ADHD Jermiah had tested positive for cocaine at birth, but otherwise he and his siblings were healthy and able to participate in age-appropriate activities.) Ian Sperling’s wife went through Jen’s Facebook posts, spotting one of the kids posing in front of their artwork, and noticed that there isn't any paint on the kids' brushes. "I don't know what's real or fake anymore," Sperling says.

Looking back on her texts with Jen, Zippy Lomax was surprised to see the last time they’d interacted was two years ago she’d felt up to date on their lives via Jen’s posts. "There's no part of me, with all of my looking back, with all of my observations of them, that is capable of seeing that it was just a charade," she says.

Hannah Scott, Ph.D., a professor of criminology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, may be the only one who is not surprised by the disparity between the Harts’ public and private lives. "It's very important for abusers to manage their public identity, so if a victim says, 'I'm being abused,' people may have trouble believing that," she says. She coauthored the only known study on female "family annihilators," or people who kill multiple members of their family. Sometimes "the motive can be around loyalty. If the female offender is suicidal, she believes she cannot leave the children behind [because] there are no caregivers after she’s gone."

The California coastline where the wreckage of the Hart family was found on March 26, 2018

A month and a half after the crash, Dana DeKalb wades through knee-high prairie grass to reach the house next door. Weeks have passed since investigators rifled through the property, and yet so many questions still haunt her. Should she have called CPS sooner? Was it that very phone call that set into motion the events that ended with a Yukon over a cliff? Each time the conversation turns to the subject, Dana's voice grows thick with grief, and her tears start once more. If sheɽ called earlier, "Would the outcome be the same? Who knows?" she says. "Who could have guessed that?"

There's a FedEx delivery notice stuck on Hart's front door. The shades are closed, but Dana peers into the living room—sparse except for a few chairs—and into the garage, where she spies a Christmas tree box, an electric piano, and some Star Wars puzzles. "I guess I want to believe there were good times," she says.

As for the hardest question—why?—we may never have a satisfying answer. Maybe Jen, tasked with looking after six kids, became overwhelmed. One coworker at Kohl's told investigators that Sarah constantly took calls from her wife who said the kids were "making her crazy." Sarah had told colleagues that Jen struggled with depression and anxiety, and often stayed in bed to cry.

Maybe the women envisioned the perfect blended family for themselves—even tried to manifest it with their photos and stories—but had no idea what day-to-day life would be like. Once, Sarah told a coworker she wished someone had told her it was OK not to have a big family, because she never would have adopted children at all. Or maybe they balked at the forthcoming financial strain: In the past decade the Harts had collected roughly $270,000 from the state of Texas to help care for the children, but all six were growing up at 19, Markis was no longer eligible for a subsidy, and the others were close on his heels. And Sarah’s 2017 W-2 showed she had earned just over $45,000 that year. According to reports compiled by the Clark County Sheriff's Office the couple was over $16,000 in credit card debt. Though, remarkably, a payment on the family's Discovery card was posted the morning of the crash.

Maybe Jen and Sarah really believed they were heroes, martyrs who couldn't overcome the tyranny of racism and childhood trauma and prejudice and six kids who kept running to the neighbors. Hannah and Devonte had already spoken up. Now CPS was on the case in a third state. So they did what theyɽ done before: They ran. And maybe, when they got to California, the ledge no longer looked like a photo op. Maybe it looked like the only way out.

Here's what we do know: The system failed these kids. "When I bring up this case in the professional community, there is a heaviness," Dinwoodie says. "We all feel guilty, because it's the professionals' fault." And perhaps more chilling, the smoke and mirrors of a compelling digital narrative clouded our sense of civic responsibility. Markis, Hannah, Devonte, Abigail, Jeremiah, and Sierra died because everyone saw something different when they looked at them—the "perfect" family some lucky, rescued kids a symbol for postracial kumbaya. Few saw six young people in desperate need of help. No one saw there was no paint on the paintbrushes until it was too late.

As this story went to press, Devonte's body was still missing, and investigators were still trying to find Hannah's biological relatives to try to match the DNA of a foot that had washed up onshore near the crash site. (DNA tests of her siblings were inconclusive.) Some believe that Devonte and Hannah were never in the Yukon but rather killed before the crash. The remains of the other kids have been released to Jen’s and Sarah's families. Eventually the California Highway Patrol will gather all findings into a report that will determine whether crimes were committed—though they told Glamour in an email, “We have no survivors in this case and no one to prosecute.”

In the meantime Jen Hart's final post about bringing home ducklings will continue to live at the top of her Facebook feed, the final entry in a story she no longer controls. "So much joy in new life" reads her last entry. Like most of Jen's posts, it has more than 100 likes.

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Jury: Hart mothers drugged, killed all six children by driving SUV over California cliff into Pacific Ocean

The Hart mothers drugged their six adopted children before driving off a California cliff, killing their entire family. USA TODAY

Jennifer and Sarah Hart gave their six children as many as 19 doses each of Benadryl before driving their SUV over a steep cliff and into the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the night last year, a jury determined on Thursday.

The children and their mothers all died in the crash in California’s Mendocino County. The verdict was the first confirmation that the married couple had planned the crash that killed their entire family.

The case has generated much interest, in part because the two white mothers and their six adopted children had been portrayed on social media as a happy, multi-racial family. Devonte Hart, 15, who was black, gained national attention when he was photographed in tears while hugging a white police officer during a 2014 protest in Portland, Oregon.

This June, 2014, file photo shows some of the Hart family at the annual celebration of "The Goonies" movie in Astoria, Ore. Authorities in Northern California will hold a coroner's inquest to determine the manner of death for eight members of the family, whose SUV plunged off a coastal cliff last year. Mendocino County sheriff's Capt. Greg Van Patten says that during the two-day inquest starting Wednesday, April 3, 2019, a jury will hear from officials and experts, and decide whether the deaths of Jen and Sarah Hart and their six adopted children were accidental, a murder-suicide or undetermined. (Photo: Thomas Boyd, AP)

The family’s story began to unravel in March of last year, when they fled their Woodland, Washington, home after a visit from social workers investigating charges they were neglecting the children. A neighbor had filed a complaint with the state saying the children were being deprived of food as punishment.

New details about their last days emerged this week at a special coroner’s jury in Willits, California.

A coroner’s inquest is generally used in cases involving in-custody deaths or officer-involved shootings where public interest is high and the need for transparency critical, said Mendocino County sheriff’s Capt. Gregory L. Van Patten.

Mendocino County Sheriff-Coroner Tom Allman said, “When six children and two adults die in one incident, we as a society need to know the facts of that case," The Willits News reported.

In this March 27, 2018, file photo provided by the California Highway Patrol a helicopter hovers over steep coastal cliffs near Mendocino, Calif., where a vehicle, visible at lower right, plunged about 100 feet off a cliff along Highway 1, killing all passengers. (Photo: AP)

Authorities had indicated they believed the crash was deliberate but wanted a jury to make official findings.

Evidence included testimony that Sarah Hart had used her phone to search for information about drowning and hypothermia.

California Highway Patrol investigator Jake Slates testified that the deleted searches had been recovered from her phone, The Oregonian reported. They included these questions:

“Can 500 mgs of Benadryl kill a 120-pound woman?”

“Is death by drowning relatively painless?”

“How long does it take to die from hypothermia while drowning in a car?”

The SUV’s “black box” computer, recovered after the crash, showed that Jennifer Hart drove over the cliff at full throttle, The Oregonian reported.

A witness who was camping by their vehicle says he heard their car rev up around 3 a.m. on March 26, 2018.

The jury decided the six children, 12 to 19, died due to their mothers’ intentional act. They also included Markis, 19 Hannah, 16 Jeremiah, 14 Abigail, 14 and Ciera, 12.

The family’s Garmin GPS was recovered several weeks after the crash. It showed that they had stopped at a Walmart in Washington state, where it is believed Jennifer Hart bought the generic version of Benadryl.

Sarah Hart, who was not driving, had 42 doses of the generic, sleep-inducing drug in her system.

The children also had high levels of the drug in their bodies, the autopsies found. The couple often gave their children Benadryl on long drives so they would sleep, authorities said in the hearing.

Jennifer Hart had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit and may have been “drinking to build up her courage,” Slates said.

Sheriff’s Lt. Shannon Barney said Thursday he believed the couple succumbed to pressure.

This March 29, 2018, file photo shows ruts cut into the clifftop where the SUV of Jennifer and Sarah Hart that went off the cliff was hauled up and over by a tow truck off the Pacific Coast Highway near Westport, Calif. A California Highway Patrol investigator testified Thursday, April 4, 2019 that Sarah Hart searched whether death by drowning was relatively painless hours before her wife drove an SUV off a cliff, killing them and six adopted children in waters below. (Photo: Kale Williams, AP)

“Just a lot of stuff going on in their lives, to the point where they made this conscious decision to end their lives this way and take their children’s lives,” he said.

“They both decided that this was going to be the end,” Slates said. “That if they can’t have their kids that nobody was going to have those kids.”

The bodies of siblings Markis, Jeremiah and Abigail were found the same day near the car. Weeks later, the body of Ciera Hart was pulled from the Pacific Ocean. Hannah Hart was eventually identified through a DNA match.

In Search of Black Assassins


It was the adopted and adapted religion of the Prophet Nat Turner, and my forebears that broke the chains of African Human Bondage. It was the religion that led the Civil Rights Movement and institutional racism in America. For decades, the Black Church represented the moral conscious of the nation. It took a stand against America’s aggression in South East Asian (Vietnam) and across the globe. It was the religion of my mother, father, sisters and brothers- its good enough for me. It is not a religion of war and revolution. It preach and practice ORDER, PEACE, LOVE and FORGIVENESS. In my youthful days growing up in the Black Church, it was a secure sanctuary and peaceful haven from a troubled world and CHAOS. But, that’s not the problem with Black Christianity in America, today. It is under attack. There is a covert war against the ORDER of the Black Church.

However, others also have their own Old Time Religion that preach and practice the dark demonic-satanic forces of HATE, DEATH, DESTRUCTION, AND CHAOS that existed since the beginning of civilization.

It is a dark force belief system and religion of the sheer animal lust of the foresthorned goat god human sacrifice and cannibalism. They, Luciferians, seek the control of the WORLD.


Never before in the history of United States has a presidential administration begun its reign by telling it citizens that SATANICdark forces” and its POWER are good to RULE the country. Yet, that is exactly what happened in America in November 2016. Satan’s Son president select Donald J. Drumpf’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, for the new administration told The Hollywood Reporter that “darkness is good.

Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. SATAN. That’s POWER. It only helps us when they get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”

Don’t get it twisted, Jennifer and Sarah Hart are no HollyWeird romanticized episodes of Laverne and Shirley, or Thelma and Louise. They are New Age Witches- part of this country’s SATANICdark forces” and Open Gates of Hell aided and abetted, and concealed by the highest levels of this government. The masses are blind to, and don’t know what they’re doing.

Yesterday, Satan’s Son and Luciferians of France and England have attacked an independent nation on the other side of midnight, Syria, for alleged human rights violations. But at the same time, America is unwilling to lift a finger or take a stand against Israel’s current mass violations of the human rights of Palestinians in Gaza.

Drumpf and Netanyahu

That’s because they call America- BIG SATAN, and Israel- LITTLE SATAN. America has become the Open Gates of HELL.

The Hart Witches & the Racial Mass Slaughter of Innocence

Also a couple of days ago, news broke that one of white females, alleged to be Sarah Hart, and 2 (two) of the children that died in the plunge off the sea cliff in Mendocino County tested positive for “significant” amounts of Diphenhydramine. The drug can be found in many over the counter medicines. But when victims and murder are involved, you must consider that the drug may have been a factor to incapacitate a victim. Diphenhydramine can in fact be used to incapacitate victims.

On Websleuths, an anesthetist noted that an oral dosing of benadryl (diphenhydramine), an average adult dose of 50 mg is more than sufficient to cause pronounced drowsiness, and anesthetists actually exploit the drowsiness effects of the drug for use in some patients. More than 100 mg would cause marked sleepiness.

All 6 (six) children were deliberately kept seriously malnourished and underweight by the witches. Significant amounts of Diphenhydramine dosing could have caused a great deal of damage to incapacitate them. And, diphenhydramine could very well have been used to keep the children MK ULTRA/MONARCH sedated and under control until they could be wickedly and quietly removed and be disposed of.

Evidence of diphenhydramine drugging is an extremely significant factor in this case. Diphenhydramine was also found in the system of Whitney Houston when she was assassinated from a Jonestown’s Cocktail of a deadly combination of drugs on February 11, 2012 at the Western White House in Berkeley Hills, CA. It was determined that Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) did not contribute to her death. Naturally, Benadryl would not have been a factor in killing Whitney, but it could have been a factor to keep her sedated and quiet while she died alone in the hotel room- allegedly face down in bathtub of water.

In January 2015, Bobbi Kristina Brown was also incapacitated and subsequently died as the result of a Jonestown Cocktail that included benzodiazepines (medications used for sedation). She also drowned alone in a bathroom- allegedly face down in bathtub of water.

Witch Angela Bassett, American Horror Story

Four (4) precious black children are not confirmed DEAD slaughtered by Jennifer and Sarah Hart and a deep cover coven of witches. Recently, a black child has been found on the ocean surf at Juan Creek and Highway 1, in Mendocino County. It is either Hannah, age 16 or Sierra, age 12.

It bothers me that the bodies of Markis, Abigail, and Jeremiah were found along with 2 (two) white females and vehicle wreckage landed on rock beds below the cliff. It appears plainly and so clearly above. Yet, we are led to believe that the bodies of Sierra, Hannah and Devonte were somehow washed out of the SUV or off the rock beds into the sea. That Dog Don’t Hunt! My fear is that is that the body recently discovered and rescued from the ocean by tourists is precious Little Sierra.

It strongly suggests that Little Sierra was killed someplace else and her body was thrown from Juan Creek Bridge. I pray that the swift wings of the sacred Sparrow rescue her most precious soul and lift HER home.

It also strongly suggests that Hannah and Devonte weren’t in that SUV when it went over the cliff.

Hannah and Devonte are heroic in spirit and strength. They are firm in faith. It is clear that they resisted Jennifer, Sarah, and an extremely powerful deep cover satanic coven’s attempt to sacrifice their bodies and souls to Lucifer. My prayer is that they are still alive and fighting for their lives. If we can find them, the results won’t be the same as it turned out in the State of Washington. The Witches won’t escape the Wrath of the People.


Jennifer Hart & The CIA Pagan Fantuzzi

Jennifer Hart & Fantuzzi

Above, Jennifer Hart’s Tribe and the infamous Woodstock Pagan August 15–17, 1969, Fantuzzi. He is friends with Ram Dass (Dr. Richard Alpert),and the late Timothy Leary leaders of the LSD-ILLUMINATI, the clandestine higher consciousness spiritual movement through psychedelic chemicals. In the early 1960s, Leary and Dr. Richard Alpert ran the Harvard Psychedelic Club, formerly the Harvard Psilocybin Project, a school-sponsored drug research project at the university.

�-59: Leary is director of clinical research and psychology at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Oakland. He devises a personality test, “THE LEARY,” which is used by CIA to test prospective employees. He has also become a close friend to Frank Barron, a graduate school classmate who has been working for CIA since at least 1953. Barron works at the Berkeley Institute for Personality Assessment and Research, which Leary will later acknowledge is “funded and staffed by OSS-CIA psychologists.”

Aldous Huxley, British Godfather of CIA MK ULTRA/MONARCH

Huxley’s Devils of Loudun purports to be the true story of a seventeenth century case of WITCHCRAFT in France. Huxley was also part of that ultra secret OLD TIME RELIGION AND WITCH CULT.

�-61: Barron founded the Harvard Psychedelic Drug Research Center. Leary follows Barron to Harvard and becomes a lecturer in psychology… He later admits to knowing, at the time, that “some powerful people in Washington (CIA) have sponsored all this drug research.” In addition to Barron, Leary’s associates and assistants during this period include former OSS chief psychologist Harry Murray, who had monitored military experiments on Truth-Drug brainwashing and interrogation, and Martin Orne, a researcher receiving funds from CIA. Leary also consults British philosopher Aldous Huxley, author of the psychedelic manifesto, The Doors of Perception (from which Jim Morrison would later take name his band). Huxley, who is at Harvard on a visiting professorship, urges Leary to form a secret order of LSD-ILLUMINATI, to launch and lead a psychedelic conspiracy to brainwash influential people for the purposes human betterment.”

Leary belonged to the deep level Agency- MK ULTRA ILLUMINATI. If you’re a friend of Tim Leary, you’re a friend of the CIA.

Jennifer Hart, Rosemary’s Baby and Laura Louise in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, CA

Minnie Castevet of Roman Polanski’s Satanic Coven Classic Rosemary’s Baby calls forth the image of faithful Lucifer’ Servant, Laura Louie, to provide secret cover for Jennifer Hart in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, CA. The frantic drive from Woodland, Washington to Fort Bragg must have drastically negatively affected Jennifer Hart’s vision, because she suddenly slowed up in town wearing LAURA LOUISE dark rim glasses.

It also changed Jenn‘s body type and very distinctive NOSE!

Jennifer Hart has a distinctive “spaded” nose type that is similar to the nose of the late NASA Astronaut Virgil I. Grissom -Master Mason.

NASA Master Mason Virgil Ivan “Gus” Grissom

Barack Obama had been clandestinely raised as a NASA MK ULTRA/MONARCH Space or Star Kid.

Obama and Guss Grissom

The above picture was released by the Obama White House that was alleged to be him and his late grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, but even with Photoshop touch ups- it is clearly NASA Astronaut Virgil Grissom.

Stanley Armour Dunham

Dunham looked absolutely nothing similar to Gus Grissom.

It is “very grainy,” Lt. Barney told The Oregonian. “It looks like Jen.” Laura Louise’ nose points up, and Jenn Hart’s nose points DOWN TO THE GROUND LIKE A SHADE. Don’t get it twisted. I am extremely serious about this subject and the children. The stakes are extremely high, and the DRAGON will always snap its tail. But, there is no statute of limitations for MURDER, ESPECIALLY INNOCENT CHILDREN!


In the secret Town of the Oak Tree, Oakland, CA, I worked on Alameda County foster child care corruption that made a lot of people filthy rich on the backs of destroying black families and children. It was a downright dirty and wicked racket.

I traced the sudden new found wealth of well respected black attorney, old handkerchief head Wilmont Sweeney, the Alameda County Juvenile Court Judge in charge of the county’s foster care system, who suddenly started driving a new Rolls Royce around town, to a white female and Bodega Bay, CA approximately 40 miles northwest of San Francisco. Bodega Bay was the setting for the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock classic, The Birds. [1]

In the masonic Town of the Oak Tree, Sweeney was part of Oakland’s infamous sell-out Negro Old Guard of attorneys that included bootlickers Lionel Wilson, Clinton White, Allen Broussard and Carl Metoyer linked to Prince Hall Freemasonry.

SS Bolschwing & Ronald Reagan

Judge Sweeney was appointed to the Municipal Court in Berkeley by then-Governor Ronald Reagan controlled by Gehlen Org SS Baron Bolschwing. In 1979, then the Jonestown Jesuit Governor, Jerry Brown, appointed Judge Sweeney to the Alameda County Superior Court. [2]

Gov. Jerry Brown & CIA Agent Jim Jones

I traced the money of one non profit large foster care California corporation that was banking millions from the Alameda County and state foster care system by taking particularly black children from their homes. It was called Aspire at the time. The monthly subsidies that it received for black children forced into foster care ran into the thousands.

The particularly case that I was working on involved Aspire taking in at the very least $3,500 for each of 3 (three) children- over $10,000 a month for kids that had been categorized as “special needs” children. I worked with an extremely stable devoted black Christian grandmother that wanted her 3 (three) grandchildren at home with her. The children had become the innocent collateral damage, casualties and victims of the CIA Crack Epidemic in Oakland. Her grandchildren had been deeply traumatized by being locked in a room for days with the corpse of an overdosed dead crack cocaine addict.

She worked for decades as a secretary with the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). She owned her own home. She was also a well respected anchor elder member of a very large, important and established church (Beebe Memorial Cathedral) congregation and community in Oakland. I thought that she was in a relatively safe and secure position more than others to fight the powers. She couldn’t understand why her grandchildren couldn’t live with her and church community instead of being confined in an alien foster care system. The children wanted to be with their grandmother. I needed to know the answer to that question, too. It involved the welfare and safety of thousands of black children in Oakland. From inside her case, I was able to work deeply inside the county juvenile court and foster care system. I started by following the money.

I traced Aspire’s foster care money flow to the very wealthy Marin County across the bay from Oakland. In 2013, the median income for couples filing jointly in Marin was $133,389 — the highest in the state, and also it had the highest median income for individual taxpayers. It ranks among the 20 wealthiest counties in the entire United States. It has a black population ranging from 2.1 to 2.6%. [3]

Aspire was a nonprofit tentacle of a corporate structure that had profit making corporate tentacles. In other words, the money from the California non profit tentacle was invested principally in bayfront real estate, particularly, valuable San Pablo Bay tidelands owned by the state. It was property unavailable for sell to private investment. The real properties purchased by the foster care non profit was then sold its profit making subsidiaries for pennies on the dollar then developed commercially. The millions from the county and state foster care system were turned over for billions in high end bay-front commercial and residential real estate development. It was public corruption and a racket that ran all the way up to the California State Legislature. I had obtained the key public documents directly from Marin County to prove the case.

I constantly reminded the grandmother that this was a case where the stakes were very high. Wherever the stakes are high, it becomes an extremely dangerous pursuit for justice. I was getting too close and they knew it. She believed in justice, but she didn’t truly understand the nature of the fight that she was getting into with Luciferians. A lot of people suddenly and understandably become afraid and friends suddenly become enemies when the ILLUMINATI begin to cash in its chips.

On April 29, 1999, Judge Sweeney suddenly turned up dead. He was 74 years old. Suddenly, OUSD cut the grandmother’s hours at work to the point so drastically that she could no longer even maintain her house payments. They even tried to purge her from the Church that she loved. We fought off the purge, but it took its toll. She was in tears the last time I talked to her. She was bound to lose everything if she continued to cooperate with me about Alameda County’s foster child care corruption from inside her case. The DRAGON snapped its tail.

The Late Yusuf Bey and Oakland’s Black Muslim Brothers

However, the battle was far from over. I started working with a mother whose minor daughter accused Yusuf Bey of Your Black Muslim Bakery of pedophilia molestation and rape. She had been one of his wives. I was surprised. I didn’t have to fight with Yusuf Bey or any of the brothers. I had to fight the power of the state, Alameda County Child Protective Services, that threatened to use its power to remove her daughter on a permanent basis (foster care) if she persisted in pursuing a case against Brother Bey. She was in tears the last time I saw her, too, when the DRAGON snapped its tail.

The love of a mother for her children is one of the most powerful forces known to mankind. I can’t do anything if that relationship has been threatened. As for me, it was yet another straw on the camel’s back that subsequently got me another one way ticket and a virtual police escort out of the city of birth, masonic Town of the Oak Tree. I had been slapped with several private and county lawsuits to restraint from getting into the affairs of black people. A county superior court judge slapped me a permanent injunction barring me from the affairs of a church that I had summoned to by church elders.

Working inside the county juvenile system, I got another surprise. In about 1997, I was approached by a small group of upset teachers at Fremont Junior High School in Oakland. They told me about a teacher in the school that I knew, Styles Price. From my own personal experiences with him, I had concluded that he was a deep cover strategy of tension/false flag black counterintelligence agent. The teachers told me that they knew of him to be a convicted pedophile. He was a child molesting “boy lover.” They couldn’t figure out how he remained to be a teacher and still be allowed to be around children. I searched from the top to the bottom of the criminal court system in Alameda County. I couldn’t find anything at all regarding his pedophilia conviction(s). I totally believed them, but I just couldn’t find his criminal conviction records.

Whenever I go to juvenile court, I go from floor to floor to look around. My surprise was that I found Styles Price sitting outside one of the juvenile court offices. He’s a man that love to talk about himself. I sat down with him and discovered that the reason why I couldn’t find his pedophilia conviction(s). His criminal records were being ran through Judge Sweeney and the juvenile court system where court records are strictly confidentialand SEALED.


In 2005, the Berkeley Police Department arrested Styles Price for the ambush murder of Berkeley Police officer Ron Tsukamoto who was shot and killed on University Avenue in the early morning hours in August 1970. They claimed that the Panthers killed Tsukamoto. However, the Alameda County DA outright refused to prosecute Styles and the deep cover black intelligence operative walked.

In Oakland, I suddenly found myself sitting on the crust of the late 32 or 33 degree Master Mason Booker T. Emery‘s extremely powerful and dangerous ultra secret -deep cover Masonic-Republican Pedophile Ring in Oakland. And, I didn’t realize it. The felonious convicted vicious pedophile died in Vacaville’s Men’s Medical Prison (Little Prison of CIA Horrors) in 1989 within a year or two of being imprisoned. DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.

Emery was a black Republican. During the late 1960s and 1970s, all the millions of anti-poverty funds that came into Oakland from the Republican Nixon Administration had strings attached. Those strings seem to always one way of another be attached to Emery. The roots of the Oakland’s high level pedophile ring and its steady supply of innocent black children lies at the feet of Booker T. Emery, the Old Masonic Temple and properties located on the corner of 7th and Peralta Street that is getting or will be getting millions in city, state and maybe federal historical preservation funds. They are extremely well represented at city, county, state and federal government high levels. They are dangerous. They usually kill first and ask questions later.

The DRAGON has snapped its tail in the case of the New Age Lesbian Witches, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and at least 5 (five) innocent children are confirmed to be DEAD! And, it is more than likely that the witches received way more than $270,000 from the state of Texas to help care for the children. Most families who adopt children out of foster care from Texas get monthly payments that only range from $400 to $545 per child to help cover care costs until the child turns 18, according to the newspaper. However, Jennifer and Sarah weren’t most families. They were CIA Occult Bureau. [4]

Chloe Johnson, Paper Trail

Don’t be deceived. Monthly subsidies for adopted children are significantly increased for children with “special needs”. On November 14, 2014, Chloe Johnson ran a story about Devonte in the Paper Trail. Chloe Johnson is the co-founder of Paper Trail.co.nz – a news and views website that’s all about adding value to people’s day. She has been a journalist in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom where she covered law and order, health, education, politics, travel and entertainment news. She is/was a communications adviser in New Zealand.

Johnson said, “Devonte Hart entered the world 12 years ago with drugs pumping through his tiny newborn body. By the time he was 4 years old he had smoked, consumed alcohol, handled guns, been shot at, and suffered severe abuse and neglect. He knew only a handful of words, including fuck and shit, and he struggled to identify with the names of food, body parts and everyday objects. Devonte was a violent toddler and his health was weighed down by a heavy list of disabilities.” [5]


Jennifer Hart & Devonte

Jennifer Hart told her, “He [Devonte] inspires me every single day. He has proven doctors, psychologists and teachers wrong.” [6] Don’t be deceived. Devonte was a “special needs” adoptee that had a team of social workers, doctors, psychologists and an attorney that also take a very big bite out of the state treasury. They have all of a sudden disappeared from Devonte’s case walking between the raindrops. All the children turned over to the Hart Witches were “special needs” adoptees. That’s the way CIA Agent Rev. Jim Jones and Peoples Temple rolled. All of the adopted children had doctors, psychologists and attorneys that also need to come to light like the Hart Witches and be held responsible. And, $270,000 is just a low ballpark figure of what the Hart Witches actually took away from the Texas foster care system, state and maybe the federal treasury.

The Hart Tribe as it had been called by the Harmony Park Grove Coven in Minnesota was a Touch of Buchenwald and the Shadow of Jonestown. The Nazi-SS fed inmates in camps a meager diet of thin soup and bread. A characteristic camp illness was starvation sickness. It was usually accompanied by diarrhea (often bloody), swollen legs, impaired vision and hearing, memory loss, nervous breakdown and, above all, exhaustion to the point of collapse. The Peoples Temple’s Jonestown daily diet also consisted of rice soup and bread that caused serious problems for the residents that struck over half the experimental medical camp in February 1978 with high fevers and diarrhea. The Hart Tribe had to have been, among other things, a nutritional experimental step for Modern Slaves above Buchenwald and Jonestown.

Here are the estimated weights and heights of the three missing children who were not recovered from the crash site: Devonte Hart, 5𔃻, 90 lbs, 15 years old Sierra Hart, 4𔃿, 60 lbs, 15 years old Hannah Hart, 4𔃻, 45 lbs, 16 years old. These are nowhere near age appropriate stats for children of their age. They were being starved. They were literally withering away.” [7]

It should be Sierra, 12 years old, and 4𔃻, 45 lbs, and Hannah, 4𔃿, 60 lbs.All the children were seriously underweight for their ages. Hannah was underweight about 50 (fifty) pounds for her age. One of main reasons why Jonestown had to be terminated as a CIA MK ULTRA/MONARCH medical and mind control experimental concentration camp, particularly for black youth, was because the majority of the people in the camp were sick from from fever and diarrhea. It was an experimental concentration camp in the middle of a South American rain forest that the infamous Attorney Charles Garry called “Paradise“. The dead tell no tells. Whatever the Hart Witches were feeding the 6 (six) black children was also experimental, and it was driving them into sheer desperation.

Perfecting the Jonestown Diet and Drug program for Black Children- Devonte and a 13-year-old orphan, a survivor of the Nazi-SS Mauthausen Concentration Camp.


Court records in Minnesota show Sarah Hart in 2011 received a 90-day suspended jail sentence and a year of probation after Abigail arrived at Woodland Elementary School with bruises on her stomach and back. Her teacher contacted social services and police.

Abigail told authorities her adopted mother sadistically struck her repeatedly with a closed fist, submerged her head under cold water and withheld meals from her for misbehaving, according to report by police in Alexandria, a small town northwest of Minneapolis where the family lived. Sarah Hart pleaded guilty April 7, 2011, to misdemeanor domestic assault. [8]

Previously, Hannah said in September 2008 it was her adopted mother Jennifer who struck her with a belt, causing a bruise on her arm that attracted notice — and a call to authorities, according to the newly obtained Alexandria police report. In an interview, the Hart Witches told a police sergeant and social worker they had no idea how Hannah, who was 6 years old at the time, got the bruise but said she had recently “fallen down the stairs” in their home. [9]

Hannah should have been looking forward to her high school sophomore prom instead of a death sentence. The witches shockingly investigative officials that the little girl was adopted and “has been going through food issues, where she’ll steal other people’s food at school or eat out of garbage cans or off the floor, [like an animal]” the police report shows. [10]


Alexandrian Wicca or Alexandrian Witchcraft is a tradition of the Neo-pagan religion of Wicca founded by Alex Sanders, 1926 – 1988, (also known as “King of the Witches“) who, with his wife Maxine Sanders, established the tradition in the UK in the 1960s. Alexandrian Wicca is similar in many ways to Gardnerian (Gerald Gardner) Wicca, and receives regular mention in books on Wicca as one of the religion’s most widely recognized traditions. Roman Polanski (Rosemary’s Baby), Sharon Tate (Eye of the Devil) Murders, Charles Manson and the Dark Satanic Circles in Laurel Canyon (HollyWeird) involved English Alexandrian Wiccan Witchcraft and Satanism. Sharon Tate and Laura Louise were “Alexandrian Wiccan Witches“.

Gerald Gardner(1884 – 1964) & Demon

The secret Witches tradition and network in the U.S. is based largely upon Gardnerian Wicca, in which Sanders was trained, and the practice also contains elements of ceremonial magic and Kabbalah, which Sanders had studied independently. The name of the tradition is a reference both to Alex Sanders and to the ancient occult Library of Alexandria, which was one of the first libraries in the world. The choice of name was inspired by a view of the library as an early attempt to bring together the knowledge and wisdom of the world into one place.

CIA & Sybil Leek, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, Witch of the New Forest

The CIA Occult Bureau was officially called MK OFTEN headed by Richard Helms and the Jewish Kabbalist Sidney Gottlieb called the Black Sorcerer“. MK OFTEN employed operational Satanism, Witchcraft, and Black Magic.

“Initially, Operation [MK-]OFTEN was a joint CIA/Army Chemical Corps drug project, based out of Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland and using inmates of the Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia as test subjects. It came under the aegis of the CIA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD), which was concerned with parapsychology and the application of supernatural powers for military purposes. Later, OFTEN would become a kind of grab bag of CIA investigations into the paranormal, and would include everything from séances and witchcraft to remote viewing and exotic drugs. Agents of Operation OFTEN would consult with such occult luminaries as Sybil Leek …”

The CIA MK OFTEN expert consultant for witchcraft was British Sybil Leek, Witch of the New Forest. Leek was the High Priestess of a powerful secret international Old European Witch Cult Circle that had tentacles across Europe, and America. Gerald Gardner (Gardnerian Wicca) had been initiated into Leek’s Coven of the New Forest, and an ultra secret international circle of Old Religion Witches that included Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, and other global leaders.

In England, Sybil Leek’s maternal grandmother was an initiate of the secret Old Religion. Leeks’ father was an intellectual and expert in metaphysics. Her mother was a theosophist (Madame Blavatsky- Rudolf Steiner). Her grandmother, a Russian psychic, taught her the Craft of the Wise (Old Religion). H. G. Wells, Lawrence of Arabia and the Great BEAST Aleister Crowley had been regular visitors at her family home.

Gorge du Loup

Once her preliminary instruction was completed, as a young initiate Leek and her grandmother journeyed to France, to the Gorge du Loup where she was initiated into the world’s oldest religion. It was called the Coven of the Red Dragon in Gorge du Loup (Wolf Gorge). At the French coven, based in the hills above Nice, Leek replaced a distant relative of her grandmother as High Priestess.

Leek lived with Romany Gypsies in the Forest. She lived with the Gypsies for a year, learning more about the Forest, ancient folklore and herbs. During this time, she also attended rituals of the Horsa (Horse) Coven in the New Forest, which they claimed had existed for over 700 years, and for a short time she was High Priestess, and therefore a member of the “Nine Covens” council.

The Goddess Bastet & Black Panther Movie Angela Bassett

The Goddess Bastet Cult featured in Marvel and Disney’s The Black Panther superhero movie for black children is the animal totem for the Coven of the Catta (Latin for cat). HollyWeird does not make movies to entertain black people. Bassett’s ancestry and early background is an enigma. Nevertheless, Disney has never shown any respect for the humanity and dignity of black children. Yet, when they tell people that they have created a wonderful “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” black superhero out of thin air for kids- millions line up to take the train to Buchenwald to go on vacation.

On the plantation, Johnny, white plantation owner’s child, learned a series of life lessons from Uncle (Tom) Remus (James Baskett- the Cat Goddess) in the form of stories about the animated Br’er Rabbit and his quest to evade Br’er Fox (Baskett) and Br’er Bear. Included among this Disney cartoon interludes is the spell, “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” , which Baskett won the Oscar in 1948 for Best Original Song.

James Baskett (Uncle Tom Remus) could not even attend the premiere of Disney’s “Song of the South” in Atlanta because a black man would not have been allowed to participate in any of the festivities in that racially segregated city. Similar to Angela Bassett, his background and ancestry remains a mystery. Witchcraft/Satanism is yet another deep covert psychological warfare subliminal indoctrination implantation in Disney’s Black Panther film. The Coven of the Cat is in the lineage of the Horse– the animal totem of Sybil Leek’s Coven of the Horsa from the New Forest in England. Before that the Red Dragon was the animal totem of the Coven de la Dragon Rouge in SE France.

During WWII, New Forest Coven witches Leek and Gardner worked for British Secret Intelligence. British Intelligence used Leek as an astrologist to covertly influence the behavior of occultist world leaders like Hitler and Rudolf Hess thru clandestine horoscopes. After WW II, British Intelligence continued to use Leek to secretly influence the behavior and decisions of world leaders with contrived horoscopes. Leek was the astrologist for California Governor/U.S. President Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

CIA Project MK OFTEN brought Leek to America under the veil of an international book and television lecture tour. She moved into Los Angeles, where she met Dr. Israel Regardie (Xth degree initiate of Crowley’s O.T.O), Aleister Crowley’s old secretary and an authority on Qabalah (Hermetic Qabalah) and ritual magic, and they spent much of their time together discussing and practicing Golden Dawn rituals, and working clandestinely for CIA MK ULTRA/MONARCH.

It is generally believed that Leek initiated Kabbalist Sidney Gottlieb into the ultra secret powerful Coven of the New Forest or the parent Coven of the Red Dragon. Gottlieb was the head of the CIA’s Technical Services Staff (TSS) that ran Project ARTICHOKE (assassinations) and MK ULTRA/MONARCH. Gottlieb held the post until his retirement in 1972. Before he left the Agency, he and Richard Helms destroyed some 80 percent of the CIA’s most damaging (Manchurian Candidate, Sybil Leek, Black Panther Party for Self Defense, etc.) files. He was a Pagan that herded GOATS.

The global Red Dragon Cult is far too ancient, powerful and vast to discuss at this point. But, it is important to note its influence and the British Royal Family connections to secret Witch Cults in America.

Margaret Alice Murray (1863- 1963) is considered the foremost folklorist on Old European Witch Cults. She is referred to as the “Grandmother of Wicca“. Murray’s witch-cult theories provided the blueprint for the contemporary Pagan Religion of Wicca. According to Murray, members joined the cult either as children or adults through what she called “admission ceremoniesMurray asserted that applicants had to agree to join of their own free will, and agree to devote themselves to the service of their deity. She also claimed that in some cases, these individuals had to sign a blood oath covenant or were baptized into the faith. At the same time, in some Covens the religion was largely passed down hereditary lines. Murray described the religion as being divided into covens containing thirteen members, led by a coven officer who was often termed the “Devil” in the trial accounts, but who was accountable to a “Grand Master“. According to Murray, the records of the Coven were kept in a secret book, with the Coven also disciplining its members, to the extent of executing those deemed traitors.

It is customary for Druids to meet from time to time, sharing their experiences and discoveries. Christians have congregations, Druids have Groves like the Bohemian Grove . The Grove is a name chosen in honor of the trees, great beings of nature. A grove is a term which denotes not only a sacred clearing in the forest but also a group of Druids . In addition to celebrating the eight seasonal festivals, they may come together to perform rites of passage, for example when a Grove member wants to name their child, or when members marry or pass over. Occasionally, it refers to a group of Pagans who gather to worship under the guidance of a WitchesCoven this kind of “ Grove ” is also called a “ congregation ” or “ outer circle ,” as distinct from the “i nner circle ,” which is composed of the priests and p riestesses of the Coven.

The Hart Pagan Tribe!

This may explain why in over 10 (ten) years, none of the 6 (six) children held by the witches Jennifer and Sarah Hart had never been able to escape to safety.

Devonte and Abigail (A Thing) in the Forest

The children were always confined to isolated remote rural areas (groves, woods and forests) of the country, and within secret Wicca, Druid and Masonic controlled circles, compounds and communities. From May 2017 to March 2018, it appears during that time that at the gate of Mount St. Helens in rural Woodland, Washington some of the children tried so desperately to call for help and escape. They (things) were always returned to the witches until they could be killed and found dead in the remote seaside area of Mendocino County, California. The children were driven 11 hours– over 570 miles to Fort Bragg, CA to be thrown off an ocean front cliff. Between Woodland and Fort Bragg, there were many places to commit the heinous crime of racial mass murder.

CIA and Tim Stoen are in POWER in Mendocino County. CIA Agent Stoen is/was Mendocino County’s attorney with the county’s DA office. He was the attorney and president of the Peoples Temple, the second most powerful man behind Rev Jim Jones. He had been implanted inside the San Francisco DA’s office to protect Rev. Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. Stoen had been the shadow of Jim Jones. He had been responsible for drawing up the plans for the Peoples Temple CIA Medical/Mind Control Experimental Concentration Camp in the vast rain forest of Jonestown, Guyana. (see David Talbot, Season of the Witch, Free Press, NY, NY (2012))

Leek also secretly worked for the U.S. Pentagon (Lt Col. Anthony Aquino). Sybil Leek from the “Final Events” book – according to which, she allegedly channeled a DEMON for US intelligence personnel, to answer questions on the UFO phenomenon.


Leek and Gardner revealed and discussed little about the New Forest Coven or the Coven of the Red Dragon, and there is a current push to influence the public to believe that they never existed at all.


However, Gerald Gardner did reveal that he believed that the New Forest Coven was indeed a survival of the European Witch-Cult, a pre-Christian pagan religion that worshiped a Horned God and a Triple Goddess and which had been persecuted during the Early Modern period.


Originally a goddess of the wilderness and childbirth among early Greek and Egyptian civilizations, Hecate (or Hekate or Hekat) achieved her connotations as a goddess of sorceryand her role as the “Queen of Ghosts” in Ptolemaic Alexandria in the final centuries BC. In modern times, she has become a prevalent figure in Neo-pagan religions, and a version of Hecate has been appropriated by Wicca, Hellenic Reconstruction-ism and other modern magic-practicing traditions, and she is widely considered the Goddess of Witches.

Greek Goat God Pan & Knights Templar Goat God Baphomet

The horned god is the Greek God Pan also known as the Goat of Mendes and can be found today in the form of the Horned Goat God, made famous by the Knights Templars, Baphomet. 33rd Degree Freemason, Albert Pike had written in Morals and Dogma “The Gnostics held that it [universal agent] composed the igneous [pertaining to fire] body of the Holy Spirit, and it was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat or the Temple under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes.” (1) This is confirmed by the Greek Neo-Platonist philosopher, Proclus who describes Jupiter, in one of the Orphic Hymns, to be both male and female, (hermaphrodite).

The International Order of Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain, is a global Masonic Order, membership of which is available to men and women on equal terms, regardless of nationality, religion or ethnicity. The Order is founded on the ancient teachings and traditions of Freemasonry, using Masonic ritual and symbolism. Le Droit Humain is a global fraternity with many Federations and Jurisdictions worldwide, each of which work the Scottish Rite from the 1st to the 33rd degree. The Order is administered by the Supreme Council, which has its headquarters in Paris.

Incorporated in aspects of the Leek/Gardnerian tradition of witchcraft is a highly unique, highly sophisticated and idiosyncratic practice. The Leek/Gardnerian practice of witchcraft developed for the CIA has a great deal of syncretism between Wicca and comasonry, Rosicrucianism, spiritualism, and Luciferism. In the Leek/Gardnerian tradition of witchcraft and satanism, it is highly likely that Jennifer and Sarah Hart have been initiated into the Mansion of Freemasonry with its many rooms to significantly expand their levels and veils of secrecy and protection among the international fraternal secret orders of the brotherhood, sisterhood and POLICE.


First settled in 1858, it was named after brothers Alexander and William Kinkead from Maryland. The Kinkeads were descendants of Ireland or Scotland. The form of the name of the city alludes to ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, a center of learning and civilization. Alchemy traditions originate in Hermetic texts from Alexandria in Hellenized Egypt, dated to the first and second centuries AD but containing much older authentic ancient Egyptian traditions related to the god Thoth. Alexandria could very well be a secret center of alchemy, oriental mystery schools, and ALEXANDRIAN WICCAN. One thing is certain is that Alexandria is the center of The Kensington Runestone– a 200-pound slab of greywacke covered with pre Columbian Knights Templar runes on its.

Records show the Hart’s adopted children enrolled in Alexandria public schools Sept. 8, 2009 — seven months after Jennifer and Sarah finalized their adoption of siblings Devonte, Jeremiah and Sierra in Harris County, Texas. The witches had previously adopted siblings Markis, Abigail and Hannah from Colorado County, Texas, in September 2006. Two and a half years after enrolling, the children were suddenly pulled from public schools. Markis was a seventh-grader at Discovery Middle School, and the other five children, who ranged from kindergarten to third grade, attended WOODLAND Elementary. The school is situated on a 48-acre site in Alexandria, Minnesota. [11]

Greek God Pan, Circle Dance & Woodlands

The Greek Horned God Pan was the son of the messenger of the gods, Hermes. His mother was a wood nymph. [12] He is the god of woods (woodland) and pastures. [13] Scott Heckert, the principal of Woodland at the time, recalled the Harts as an insular family whose children — despite being amiable and outgoing among their peers — rarely spent time with others outside the classroom. “They stayed under the radar and liked to be alone and away from other people,” Heckert said of Jennifer and Sarah, adding the children received extra attention from teachers and faculty after the abuse allegations. [14]

The family relocated to West Linn, Oregon sometime in 2013, according to friends. The town of Willamette is located on a Native American trail which ran south from Willamette Falls, an important gathering place for many tribes. The Clowewalla tribe lived in a village on the West Linn side of the falls. West Linn was incorporated in 1913 and merged with the adjacent town of Willamette in 1916. [15]

Witches Jennifer and Sarah Spiritually Connected to West Linn, Oregon

Willamette/West Lind has an Earth Based Spirituality Meetup that cater to those people who are Witches, Wiccan, Druids, Goddess Worshipers and those who follow a Shamanic path, Faeries, Feri, Asatru, Vodou, Santeria, etc. [16] The Clackamas Education Service District, which oversees West Linn, said it had no record of the children. [17] After the family moves to West Linn, family friend Alexandra Argyropoulos tells Oregon child welfare officials that the Hart Witches have been depriving their kids of food as punishment. The witches break off contact with her when they learn of it. Argyropoulos says she was told the children had been interviewed by Oregon officials it was apparent that each child had been coached by their mothers on what to say and nothing more could be done by the Oregon Department of Human Services. [18]

WOODLAND- Greek God Pan & Circle Dance of Children


In May 2017, Jennifer and Sarah Hart bought the two-story, 3-bedroom home on 2 acres of land in WOODLAND of Clark County, Washington, property records show. [19]

Sold: $375,000

2501 NW 389th Street, Woodland, WA: Private setting, 2.19 acre property, the Horned God’s WOODLAND address, LaCenter Schools. Updated home, new carpet, new roof. Large great room with lots of windows, fireplace, laminate floors, patio. Updated kitchen w/ built in pantry hutch. 3 bedrooms,2 baths, craft room/den, large family/bonus room, all appliances. Oversized 2 car garage. 2 stall barn with storage room, pasture and paddocks. Chicken coop.RV Parking. Beautiful property w/mountain views. [20]

Well news broke yesterday, it’s turning out that the Hart Witches neighbors, Bruce and Dana DeKalb, in WOODLAND weren’t quite telling the truth. They weren’t to help anyone but the Hart Witches. They called county child protective services on March 23, 2018. Dana told her mother about the children and the Hart Witches around the middle of November 2017. And, her mother told her father about it. The DeKalbssaid that Hannah told them that the Witches were RACIST and begged them for HELP!

Hannah, Cried for HELP!

On November 18, 2017, 3 (three) or 4 (four) days after the incident with Hannah, Steve Frkovich, 80, Dana Dekalb’s father called police and told the Clark County, Washington dispatcher that “the other night, a little girl jumped out of the second-story window on the roof and then down onto the ground and ran to my daughter — and this was like two in the morning — begging them to help her.

NOBODY but the Dekalbs talked to 16 year old Hannah before she was killed! Now, we know they’re lying, too. The Witches told everyone that the bright and beautiful Hannah was born drug addicted. She was a bipolar child. Well, the DeKalbs didn’t involved until it was time to stage the escape of the Hart Witches from Witch Mountain, and mass slaughter the black children. They called Clark County Child Protective Services (CPS) on March 23, 2018, and CPS responded on spot on que to set to stage the Escape from Witch Mountain and the racial mass murder of the black children.


Noses are Different, Sarah & Jennifer Hart?

There is no conclusion to this story. The two women above just don’t look like the Hart Witches. There is a veil of secrecy surrounding the Hart Witches and the racial mass murders of 6 (six) innocent black adopted children. Devonte and Hannah are out there someplace- hopefully alive and well, but in great danger.

The so-called free press have laid down in this case. There has been no funerals for the Hart Witches and none of their family members have shown their faces.

Hart SUV Appears Nearly in the Sea

Who did Mendocino County really find at the bottom of the cliff in the SUV perched on ROCKS not in the ocean- Laura Louise and somebody other than Sarah Hart?

Hart SUV on Rocks Not in the Ocean

The Hart SUV is perched on ROCKS at the bottom of the cliff. The mass media pictures of the Hart SUV nearly in the ocean at the bottom of the cliff is trick Photoshop to make it appear as though it landed virtually in the ocean to explain away the absence of Sierra, Devonte, and Hannah at the crash site. They were not swept into the ocean and lost. They ain’t talking and when they are talking. THEY ARE LYING!

In Search of Black Assassins


Darkness is good,” Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. SATAN. That’s power. It only helps us when they get it wrong. When they’re BLIND to who we are and what we’re doing.” Steve Bannon, President- select Donald J. Drumpf’s Chief Strategist, November 2016

Today, the highest elected office of the United States is occupied by Donald J. Drumpf that represent the “Darkness” and the POWER OF SATAN. That’s not what I say. They told the entire WORLD directly who they are and what they represent. Whether it is here in America, Europe, Africa, Palestine, ad the Middle East, it’s all the same under the Emperor Donald J. Drumpf, THE GATES OF HELL ARE OPEN!

Donald J. Drumpf has appointed Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III as the highest judicial officer of the United States. He is named behind a U.S. Civil War confederate general and Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865.

The highest elected office of the state of California is occupied by Jerry Brown. He is a Jesuit Priest– a soldier of Jesus- VATICAN AND THE NINTH SATANIC CIRCLE! He is the Jonestown- Peoples Temple’s governor that blocked any state investigation into the mass slaughter of over 900 US civilians in Guyana, South American. Many of the Children killed in Guyana were WARDS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA judicially awarded to CIA MK ULTRA/MONARCH Agent Rev. Jim Jones to become medical human guinea pigs.

In 2017, a California Deputy Attorney General was charged with possession of child porn. Raymond Joseph Liddy, 53, was charged after law enforcement agencies found images of children engaging in sexual conducton a computer and a thumb drive in his home. Liddy is the son of former FBI/CIA agent and lawyer G. Gordon Liddy. He directed the burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in June of 1972 in the Watergate scandal. Raymond Liddy and his elite PIZZAGATE PEDOPHILE RING have been folded into the fabric and disappeared.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart and racial mass murder of 6 (six) innocent Black Children is another case that at least 5 (five) different states, Texas, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, California, and the U.S. Justice Department (FBI) are trying to fold into fabric and make it vanish into darkness right before your eyes. However, we are not BLIND to who you are and what you are doing in this country and across the planet.


Jennifer and Sarah Hart (Witches of Buchenwald) are not the story of optimistic “do gooder” and “dreamer” white “All American Lesbian Couple” that overwhelmed themselves in a heroic struggle to help and rescue 6 (six) black drug babies. It is an ILLUSION provided to the mass public blind. What is not an ILLUSION or subject to blindness is that 6 (six) beautiful black children (human beings) had been all been racially targeted, enslaved for possible ILLUMINATI- NAZI SS Black Sun organ harvesting. The white “All American Lesbian Couple” had more love and respect for their pet dogs, cats and animals then black children. They were cold blood wicked female Knights and SS like concentration camp wardens that treated the Children less than their pets and animals to demonstrate their zeal to hate and destroy black people, their religion and culture for all the world to see.

Abigail (Nahko T Shirt), Jennifer Hart (Paul Bunyon Jaw)

In 2013, “Abigail insisted that it was Jennifer who hit the her with a closed fist, not Sarah. Abigail also stated that Jennifer put two hands around her throat and put her head under cold water [waterboarding?]. Abigail hit her head during this attack. Abigail also reported that Jennifer hit her with a closed fist, and also denied the child food as punishment.” [1]

In this era of the dark satanic circles of America, corporate mass media want us to be blind, and believe the ILLUSION that a series of coincidental and random governmental oversight breakdowns over 10 years across four states, Texas, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington, contributed to the deaths of the black children.

The Hart Witches and Black Children didn’t just “slip through the cracks of the failing CPS system.” That also is an ILLUSION for the blind. There are at least four 911 calls on the public record from concerned citizens and mandated reporters who expressed serious concern for the children. [2] The governmental oversight breakdowns in this case is evidence of a consistent pattern, design, and purpose of a powerful dark network that is well beyond coincidental and random acts of wayward do- gooders and malfunctioning governmental officials.

So, the question should be. What is the pattern, design, purpose and the VEIL pulled over our eyes behind the Hart Witches of Buchenwald and 6 (six) Black Children? CHILD TRAFFICKINGOrgan Harvesting, Medical Experimentation, Sex Traffic, Human Sacrifice or ALL OF ABOVE!

As of today, the FBI, California Highway Patrol, Mendocino County Sheriff nor Clark County Sheriff’s Department in Washington have not and will not make a positive ID of Jennifer Hart at Safeway Supermarket in Fort Bragg, CA on March 25, 2018. Mendocino County Sheriff Department, Lt. Shannon Barney, goes as far as saying that this woman looks “like”and resemble” Jennifer Hart. The racial mass murder investigation of 6 (sex) innocent black children is warping up as if it was in fact Jennifer Hart in Safeway. Well, many of us are not as blind as Lt. Barney. We can make a reasonable positive ID of Jennifer Hart.

Jennifer Hart is a rugged rustic outdoors-man. She is the strong female “forest and mountain spouse”- the Paul Bunyan of Hart Tribe. She’s a Jennifer of the Woods. She has a very distinctive stable jaw structure, and her ear line on her skull lines up with her nose.

The Jennifer Hart impostor in Safeway is a pudgy TV couch potato Mary Poppins that looks more like Roseanne Barr and Laura Louise of Rosemary’s Baby than Jennifer Hart. Her jaw structure is totally different from Jennifer Hart’s jaw structure. The impostor’s ear line on her skull lines up with her mouth.

If it is not Jennifer Hart in Safeway, and it is NOT JENNIFER HART, then the case of racial mass murder of the black children is evidence of a widespread web of state conspiracy and corruption. It’s not necessarily widespread “darkness” spreading across America, but the extent to which the “dark webs” and dark satanic circles have infiltrated high levels of state and federal government power and authority.

In Mendocino County since at least 2008, Deputy Sheriff/Coroner Lt. Shannon Barney is alleged to have been running his own wild thing sadomasochisticbunga bunga sex tribe cult, and marijuana farm. They want our eyes closed and blind to allegations that involve wife swapping and drunkenness among sheriff deputies while “on duty” in Covelo, Mendocino County – two of the deputies involved in Barney’s Sex Tribe and secrecy have come up dead. [3]

Deputy Sheriff Lt. Barney and his Sex Cult is a mockery of the American justice system. It would be absolutely hilarious if only we close our eyes to the racial mass slaughter of 4 (four) of 6 (six) beautiful innocent black children on his watch. The true PICTURE that emerges of Lt. Sergeant Barney is that of a barbaric brutal and dangerous tribal sex cult leader who uses his power to absolutely control his subordinates and savagely enforce a code of secrecy among them. The brute is alleged to have interfered with the administration of justice, misuse state power, failed to perform his sworn duty, normally applied unequal enforcement of the law, and being drunk and invoking “bunga bunga sex rituals on duty. The brute terrorized and imposed sexual requirements on deputies under his command for his entire term of office. The “Covelo Way” was that Lt. Barney expected deputies under his command to have sex with his wife, Deanna, and he was to have sex with their wives. Lt. Barney is alleged to be a wild vicious ritual sexual predator. [4]

Sheriff Allman- In Plain Sight Scumbag Feed Asian Child Popcorn from his Filthy Hat

Yet in 2010, the big brute was promoted by Masonic Master Mason/Knights Templar Sheriff Tom D. Allman to the powerful state position of the Deputy County Coroner. We must not be blind to this fact.


Folding your three middle fingers down while holding out your thumb and pinky, the gesture, called The Shaka Sign originated in Hawaii. The sign can be interpreted as “Hello,” “Goodbye,” “Have a nice day,” “Take it easy,” “Good luck,” or, the most popular definition, “Hang loose”. [5]

However, I doubt very seriously that Satan’s Moroccan PAN-sexual Daughter of the international Bunga Bunga Sex Cult, Ruby the Heart-breaker (Karima El-Mahroug), alleged “Shaka” hand symbol (Devil’s Horns) can be interpreted as a HawaiianHave a Nice Day.”

Sex Kitten, Ruby the Heart-breaker

On the deceptive credibility and ILLUSIONS created by Lucifer’s Servants, Sheriff Allman and Deputy Sheriff Barney, don’t go blind -pack up your tent up and go home based on anything whatsoever they say about the Hart Witches of Buchenwald and 6 (six) Black Children. Don’t get it twisted. I am not pushing the blacks against the whites agenda to confuse and divide the masses. As a former member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, I had enough potential deadly and other encounters with white police officers to be blind to the fact that Sheriff Allman and Deputy Barney are not typically among them. That’s why Jennifer and Sarah’s Coven had to travel over 10 hours and 570 highway miles from Oregon to California to get to a Satanic Safety Network, Mendocino County, to manufacturer ILLUSIONS and smoked mirrors among the masses to execute the veiled works of the Horned God.


Malnutrition in children is common globally and may result in both short and long term irreversible negative health outcomes. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that malnutrition accounts for 54 percent of child mortality worldwide,about 1 million children. Another estimate also by WHO states that childhood underweight is the cause for about 35% of all deaths of children under the age of five years worldwide. [6] Malnutrition increases the risk of infection and infectious disease, and moderate malnutrition weakens every part of the immune system. Court documents say that Jeremiah, but not his brother (Devonte) or sister (Siera) was born with drugs in his system. It is an outright and vicious lie that all 6 (six) children of the Hart Tribe were society’s severely disabled black drug babies.

During the Nazi era, Child Euthanasia was the name given to the organised murder of severely mentally and physically handicapped children and young people up to 16 years old in over 30 so-called special children’s wards.

We can plainly see malnutrition in Sierra compared to the Children of Auschwitz.

In 2013, all 6 (six) children had clinical symptoms of being malnourished (adjective)- suffering from malnutrition. Malnourished– weak and in bad health because of a lack of food or a lack of food that is good for you. [7]


Hart Tribe friend Max Ribner of publicly took issue with the notion the wreck was something other than a tragic accident. Ribner is a band member of Nahko and Medicine for the People. He said that the couple adopted many of their children from “hard backgrounds,” he said. “They transformed these kids’ lives”- from the gates to heaven to the DEATH OF HELL! [8] He said the Hart Witches were “amazing parents”. Of the children, Ribner said, “They were readers, they were writers, they were poets, they were dancers. And they were brave. They didn’t have any judgment. But they also felt pain, too.”In 2013, Ribner began offering music classes to kids at his home in Southeast Portland. He said that all six of the Hart children participated in the program and that he and the children wrote songs together and played music twice a month for nearly a year while they were being physically attached and abused and clinically malnourished. “They exposed their children to conscious music with a message. Music that talks about social revolution and racial equality.” So, he says and lies. [9] We are not blind. We can see on our own that 6 (six) malnourished black children had been starved, and tortured for over 10 (ten) years, then slaughtered by the Witches and their Coven that Max Ribner had been a party to.

Nahko, the Bear, was another so called close personal friend (handler?) of Jennifer, Sarah and the Hart Tribe that was often seen in close physical association with the Children during forest musical rainbow gatherings and the Shangri-La (Shambhala) festivals at Harmony Grove in Minnesota. We cannot be blind to this fact. As has been duly noted, Nahko has notshown any particular public personal sympathy for the senseless racial mass slaughter of the innocent Children. [10]

Yet, the abused and malnourished Black Children always sang their LOVE for him and their praise and blessings of Nahko.

Devonte even worked to donate to Nahko’s causes and charity.


Nahko and his Coven of rainbow gathering has turned a BLIND EYE ON THEM THAT HAD LOVED HIM.


On April 3, 2018, Nahko tweeted, “These amazing kids were all adopted from the same horrible situation, save one boy who was the eldest. these angels came to these two amazing mothers completely by chance. miracles happen. tragedy happens. consider the legacy they left behind. there is another side of story.” On April 4, 2018, a mysterious April Dawn that joined Twitterin April 2018 to suddenly add another side of Nahko’s story. She said that she knew them well. “They were taking turns reading chapters from their current books out loud to each other Jeremiah: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Abbi: Black Elk Speaks. This went on for hours … HOURS … until they started their nightly dance party. They’ve been doing this every night since. I don’t know why.” [11] .

Horned God & Children’s Circle Dance

We are not blind. The Children’s nightly so called “party dance” that she claimed that she didn’t know or deliberately withheld the whys of was the infamous European old religion witch’s endless occult circle dance to conjure and become possessed with spirits and demons from other spheres and dimensions.


he Phoenix, the Bennu Bird, is an eternal part of the ancient cosmology of Kemet. The bird was primarily associated with Atum and Re, but inevitably, its connection with rebirth came to associate it also with God Ashur (Osiris). In quoting from the Book of the Dead, Wallis Budge quotes a passage that reads, “I go in like the Hawk, and I come forth like the Bennu, the Morning Star (i.e., the planet Venus) of Ra I am the Bennu which is in Heliopolis” and he goes on to say that the scholion on this passage expressly informs us that the Benu is Ashur (Osiris). In essence, the Benu was considered a manifestation of the resurrected God Ashur of Kemet. The true meaning and mystery of the Phoenix and Bennu Bird was never revealed to the Greeks. According to Freemasonry, these magnificent birds lives at any one time, and lives to be about 500 years old. Then, it self-immolates and its body is reduced to ashes however, a new Phoenix Bird immediately arises out of these ashes, to live another 500 years. [Manly P. Hall]

In old western European occult cosmology, the Phoenix Bird has become a symbol of Lucifer: “The Phoenix … is believed to be a divine bird going back to Egypt … This Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes. Most occultists believe that the Phoenix is a symbol of Lucifer who was cast down in flames and who they think will one day rise triumphant. This, of course, also relates to the rising of Hiram Abiff, the Masonic ‘christ’.” [Bill Schnoebelen] [12]

Catholics rely on Black Elk and the archetypal images and symbols in Black Elk Speaks and The Sacred Pipe for new directions in worship and liturgy could make a similar mistake. While Black Elk did not reject all Lakota practices, he found their essence present, or even deeper, in the practices of the Catholic Church – a pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. Many Catholics may not relish the idea that to “be like Black Elk” really means to evangelize and pray the Rosary. [13]

April Dawn speaks directly of a mind control device taken out of the annals of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. The Children of the Hart Tribe were kept isolated, group thought indoctrinated in spiritualism, resurrection, and reincarnation by day and evening. At night, they danced in a circle most of the fallen sun to prevent their minds, bodies and spirits from straying and rebelling.

By the way, Spirit Gangster Nahko is an Oregonian Apache, Puerto Rican and Filipino orphan raised by a white couple from MK ULTRA/MONARCH impressionate 9 (nine) months old to be a “honoraryAryan of Maria Orsic’s mythical place of Shanghai-La (Shambhala). [14]

David Chilly Love & Hart Tribe

Hart Tribe handler David Chilly Love is a South Korean orphan also raised by a white couple to be a “honoraryAryan of Maria Orsic’s mythical place of Shanghai-La (Shambhala). [15]

Nahko and Chilly Love are Wookiefoots of the Tribadelic Spaceship that host and headline their own Global Conscious Gathering called Shangri

La Festival at Harmony Park in Southern MN. [16] In 2013 while the Hart Family were surrounded by so many fair heart friends and defenders of the Witches of Buchenwald, the Children were medically measured by a doctor as being shorter and lighter than 90 percent of children their age. Abigail, then nearly 10 years old, was the height of an average 6-year-old girl. At 11 years old, Hannah, at 50 pounds and 3𔄃″, was the size of a typical 6-year-old girl. [17]

All 6 (six) children were extremely small for their ages even though they came from 2 two different biological families. A developmental pediatrician said it was unlikely that all 6 (six) children had medical conditions that would explain their extremely small bodies. Seeing all 6 (six) children who all appeared very small should had given the doctor reasons to look further into their histories. It should have also given people around the Children notice that they were being harmed. Yet to deliberately veil the doctor and medical malfeasance, their case worker deliberately wrote in her notes that “being adopted, no medical history is known for each child.” It was an outright vicious lie.The case worker has not been publicly identified. [18]

In today’s society, doctors and physicians are known as people who help us return to, and maintain, good health. Nevertheless, an osteopathic (practice in all areas of medicine) female doctor who worked at a Providence clinic in Clackamas, Oregon concluded she had “no concerns whatsoever” about their well- being. Someone in her office deliberately falsified the file and wrote a note that said the children’s heights and weights were not troubling because they were proportionately small. That is also a false ILLUSION for the blind. [19]

The doctor abandoned the Children to continue to suffer malnutrition under the witches until they were mass murdered, organs harvested or sacrificed by their coven. The name of the osteopathist was heavily redacted so she also has not been publicly identified. Clackamas is a suburb of Portland, OR. Without the name of the doctor or the Children’s state case worker, we have to dig deeper to look at the greater Catholic Church of Portland and the Vatican to try to explain why one of their doctors under their jurisdiction would have “no concerns whatsoever” about the well being even though they were in fact substantially clinically malnourished 6 (six) black children shorter and lighter than 90 percent of children their age. The doctor completely abandoned the medical ethics of Beneficence- taking actions that serve the best interests of patients. [20]And, it appears to be a fact that the doctor nor the state case worker have been investigated or suffered any consequences for their deceptions, malfeasance and 21st century inhumanity to man. However, it appears that Providence Clinic in Clackamas is part of the clandestine dark circle network and the Vatican’s Ninth Satanic Child Sex Trafficking/Sacrifice Circle. Providence Health & Services


Portland’s Notorious Catholic Pedophile Priest- Father Maurice Grammond,

In 2004, sexual abuse cases bankrupted the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Oregon in Portland. In Oregon, litigation from victims threatened to overwhelm the 356,000-strong archdiocese of the west-coast state, which at the time faced a further 60 court cases. In 2004, 196 people have filed accusations against 41 priests in claims dating back to the early 1950s. Its settlements are second only to those of Boston, which paid out $85 million. One case in Portland, OR was brought by a 51-year-old cattle rancher, James Devereux, sought $130 million damages for abuse he claims he suffered at the hands of a priest, Father Maurice Grammond, in the 1960s when he was a teenage altar boy. The other case, involving the same priest in the 1980s, was brought by an anonymous litigant who claimed he was abused between the ages of eight and 10. Grammond, who died at the age of 82 in 2002, is the source of many of the cases against the church, whose officials were accused of ignoring complaints against the priest and moving him on to new parishes whenever they surfaced – said to be a common feature of the church’s handling of alleged serial abusers.

Grammond had been accused of abusing at least 50 (fifty) boys during a 40-year career, was said to have molested boys in his car, in the rectory, on camping trips and even during confessionsbut was never prosecuted. He apparently claimed that he had no responsibility because children “threw themselves” at him. [21] Grammond was also notorious for his open interference and influence over Portland’s juvenile court, child protective services (CPS), and the foster care system to set him up with some of his pedophilia child victims. [22]

The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon (Archidioecesis Portlandensis in Oregonia) is an archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church in the Pacific Northwest covered up Grammond’s pedophilia crimes. And, it came down from the Vatican’s highest priesthood of the ultra secret elite Ninth Satanic Circle. However, the Hart Tribe Rabbit Hole runs deeper- extremely deeper than covering up the Vatican’s Priest Pedophile Child Satanic Sex Rings and the elite Ninth Satanic Circle.


A reader of In Search of Black Assassins offered me one name and lead in regards to the Hart Tribe Rabbit Hole– CLARE BRONFMAN. I disregard and dismiss nothing. In order to explore the Clare Bronfman lead, we must return to Providence Health & Services in Portland where the Children’s designed euthanasia malnutrition plan was deliberately and blatantly covered-up. Providence Health & Services in Oregon is a not-for-profit Catholic network of hospitals, care centers, health plans, physicians, clinics, home health care and affiliated services guided by a Mission of caring that the SISTERS OF PROVIDENCE began in the West nearly 160 years ago. [23]

Saint Theodora Guerin

The Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods are an apostolic congregation of Catholic women founded by the French Saint Theodora Guerin (known colloquially as Saint Mother Theodore) at Saint Mary of the Woods, Indiana. Saint Mary of the Woods existed in Indiana before the arrival of the official catholic church. The earliest land records in Saint Mary-of-the-Woods date back to 1825, when George and Polly Smith acquired a land patent signed by Knights Templar/Freemason President Andrew Jackson. George Smith served as an aide and dispatch bearer to Knights Templar/Freemason President George Washington during American Revolution. [24]

It is claimed that Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) initiated President George Washington into the higher hierarchy of ultra-secret Knights Templar with the above secret skull, cross & bones Knights Templar/Masonic Apron. Called “America’s Best Friend” in Europe, Marquis de Lafayette was Thomas Jefferson’s best friend in France and America. Lafayette was also a Hidden Hand 33° Freemason and French military officer who was a general in the American Revolutionary War and a leader of the Garde Nationale during the bloody French Revolution. Lafayette was also made an honorary Grand Commander of Supreme Council of New York. More than 75 Masonic bodies in the U.S. have been named after him, including 39 lodges, 18 chapters, 4 councils, 4 commanderies, and 7 Scottish rite bodies.

The meaning of the apron may go back to the 14 th century inquisition by Philip, King of France and Pope Clement Vof the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem also known as the Order of Saint John, Order of Hospitallers, Knights Hospitaller, Knights Hospitalier or Hospitallers . [25] The Templars went underground.

The 7th President of the U.S., Andrew Jackson (1829- 1837) worshiped by President Donald J. Drumpf was a Freemason, having been initiated at Masonic Lodge, Harmony No. 1 in Tennessee he also participated in chartering several other lodges in Tennessee. He was the only U.S. president to have been a Grand Master of a State Lodge until Harry S. Truman in 1945. His Masonic apron is on display in the Tennessee State Museum. An obelisk and bronze Masonic plaquedecorate his tomb at The Hermitage, Nashville, TN. [26] Jackson was a Scottish descent Royal Arch Mason, the first part of the York Rite system of the Masonic degrees. Royal Arch Masons meet as a Chapter, and the Royal Arch Chapter confers four degrees: Mark Master Mason, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason. The Royal Arch Mason degree is said by many to be the most beautiful degree in all of Freemasonry. Freemasons who reach this degree may continue to Cryptic Masonry or go straight to Knights Templar. Did Jackson become a Knight Templar? Yes, I believe that he did, because THAT IS THE WAY THEY ROLL! [27]

Mother Theodore and her companions left the Sisters of Providence of Ruillé-sur-Loir, North Western France, at the invitation of Célestine René Laurent Guynemer de la Hailandière of Rennes, Brittany, France, the Bishop of Vincennes, Indiana, to found the Sisters of Providence in the United States. [28] In 1840, Mother Theodore arrived in Saint Mary-of-the-Woods with several companions and found a dense forest with few buildings. There she established the congregation of women. [29]

In 1918, the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes of Saint Bernadette was built in a ravine on the south side of the motherhouse grounds. The grotto at the Woods was based upon the blueprints of the renowned grotto in Lourdes, France. Lourdes and the Pyrenees Mountain Range is a little more than 400 miles outside of Ruillé-sur-Loir. A few stones from Lourdes are embedded within the Saint Mary-of-the-Woods grotto.

The grotto is based on the Marian (Saint Mary) apparitions in 1858, when Mystic Bernadette Soubirous, a 14-year-old peasant girl, admitted to her mother that a “lady” spoke to her in the cave of Massabielle. Bernadette said that the lady revealed to her that she is the Immaculate ConceptionMother of Jesus.

Mystic Bernadette Soubirous

Bernadette’s native country of the Pyrenees, a mountain region haunted by tales of fairies, witches and miraculous groves and springs.

Knights Templar & The Cult of MaryMagdalene

LUKE 8:2And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils ...”

Saint Mary Magdalene is the first Mystic of the Catholic Church. [30] Saint Mary Magdalene, the New Testament Disciple and supporter of Jesus, is a Saint of the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran Churches, honored as a Heroine of the Faith by Protestant Churches. In addition to being a canonized Saint, in Southern France and throughout much of Europe Mary Magdalene was venerated as a Gnostic Apostle by the tradition known as the “Cult of Mary Magdalene”, which arose in Provence France during the 11th century. It is based upon the widespread belief among Catholic scholars that Mary and her companions fled persecution in Jerusalem, crossed the Mediterranean in a boat, and landed near Arles in the South of France (since named “Saintes Maries de la Mer”).

And so, when fleeing into France, Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus, carried the Sangréal in the sacred chalice of her womb.

Mary Magdalene & Angels Descend (Holy Eucharist)

She retired to the Holy Cave (“Sainte-Baume”) on a hill in the Marseille region, and converted all of Provence to Christianity. [31]

Southern France, especially the Mary Magdalene site of Aix en Provence, was always a major stronghold of the Knights Templar, since the inception of the Order in 1118 AD: A public square in Aix en Provence preserves a 19th century statute of Rene d’Anjou (1409-1480 AD), Duke of the Templar dynastic House of Anjou, and titular King of Jerusalem descendant from the founding Templar King Fulk d’Anjou.

Joan of Arc

Rene was the son of Princess Yolande of Aragon (1384-1442 AD), who was the primary proponent and patron of Saint Joan of Arc, who was a hereditary Templar Countess of Anjou. Yolande was the daughter of King John I of Aragon Spain, where many of the Knights Templar had survived the French persecution from 1307 AD. As a result, many later Templar descendants thrived as an underground network in Southern France, under the dynastic support of the Templar House of Anjou.

Therefore, the 11th century “Cult of Mary Magdalene” had a special connection – and a powerful appeal – to the 12th century Knights Templar, and was always a major component of authentic Templar heritage even into the modern era. While not all Templars necessarily considered Mary Magdalene to be a Gnostic Apostle, many historically did. As Catholics, in any case, the Knights Templar strongly favoured her as their special Saint. Throughout the Middle Ages, at every possible opportunity the Templars used seemingly normal references to “Mary”, appearing to mean “Mother Mary”, to instead privately emphasize the central importance of Mary Magdalene in their hearts and in their prayers, as a pillar of Templar culture. [32]

So, the Mary of the Woods mystic grotto could very well be a “cave temple” dedicated to Templar’s Cult of Mary Magdalene. That’s why the origins of Mary of the Woods in Indiana remain a mystery, because it is the Templar’s Mary Magdalene of the Woods.

To those who travel to the South of France and climb the mountain through the FOREST up to her cave – the summit of human and divine affections. May you be blessed abundantly. (Paula Lawlor ‘A Love Devout’)” [33]

Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of her life in prayer and meditation in a mountain cave in the Sacred FOREST of La Saint Baume”. As the story goes, her only sustenance was the Holy Eucharist (eat the flesh and drink the blood), which she received on a daily basis from angels. During her waning years, the angels descended from heaven and transported her to an undisclosed location. [34]

Sisters of Providence of Montreal

The Women of Providence in Collaboration (WPC) is an association of congregations of Catholic women religious in North America who bear the name and charism of Providence. They come together to share and promote the evolving theology and spirituality of Providence. One congregation that comprise the WPC is the Sisters of Providence, Montreal, Quebec. [35] Sisters of Providence of the Bronfman’s Montreal was established by Emilie Tavernier Gamelin Jean-Baptiste Gamelin in 1840. [36]

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin (Mary of the Woods) Grand Priory of the Knights Templar

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Grand Priory

Founded in 1806 at Ruillé-sur-Loir, France, by Father Jacques François Dujarié with Mère M. Madeleine (MARY MAGDALENE) in 1818 and Mère Marie in 1822, the Sisters of Providence arrived on one side in England.

Early French (Mary Magdalene/Knights Templar) Shield of Father Dujarie and Saint Theodore

On the other side, the Sisters arrived in Indiana with Mère Théodore in 1840.

From the very beginning, Mary of the Woods and the Sister of Providence were part of the secret French underground Mary Magdalene- Knights Templar Baphometic lodge or sect.

The Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Grand Priory of the Knights Templar consist of 15 (fifteen) women and men from seven different countries, including Denmark, Finland, Germany, Canada, England, Estonia and the United States. They come from various Christian traditions: Anglican, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Catholic and Presbyterian, and include a Jewish rabbi. [37] The Saint Mother Theodore Priory is part of the International Grand Magisterial Council. The Magisterial Council presides as the international authority of the Order. This council is comprised of the Grand Priors of each member country. The council elects and appoints executive officers to provide the administration of the Sovereign Military Order of The Temple of Jerusalem (Knights Templars). [38]

[Sisters of] Providence Health & Services in Portland is part of the secret network of underground Baphometic Masonic Knights Templar. The Catholic Sisters of Providence are more interested in taking souls then healing people. In regards to Jennifer Hart and the 6 (six) Black Children, its blatant departure from established medical practices was not just a fall through the cracks. It was a matter of a grand deception.

Clare and Sara Bronfman (Rainbow Cultural Garden) of Montreal

Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman of Montreal heads the funding for the secretive “Sex Cult” and pedophile ring called NXIVM. Sara was CEO of Rainbow Cultural Garden School in London. The original Rainbow Cultural Garden school is near the NXIVM mother ship.

CIA MK ULTRA Rainbow Gathering: Fantuzzi, Jennifer Hart and the 6 (six) Black Children

Clare oversees everything to do with the finances, and the personnel, and the management of Rainbow. Rainbow Cultural Garden is the concept for Keith Raniere, arrested leader of NXIVM, to indoctrinate very young children to be raised by multiple caregivers. Raniere is the alleged cult kingpin/leader of NXIVM. Rainbow Cultural Garden School is a human experiment conceived and conducted by an alleged sex trafficker and known pedophile of children whose parents have been brainwashed by his insidious teachings and hypnosis skills. Raniere, a MK-ULTRA/MONARCH programmer has been accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in Upstate New York, according to new court documents.

Buddhist Dalai Lama & Keith Raniere

In 2009, Dalai Lama, part of the Gelug or “Yellow Hat” school of Tibetan Buddhism, presented Keith Raniere, with the “Scarf of Purity.” What Keith Raniere is practicing is Tantra that nails all female energy down in a misogynistic paradigm, that these Dalai Lamas and the other Lama sects all practice, while putting on their grand theater and using traditional Mahayana Buddhism, and humble monk personas to fool people in the West.

Maria Orsic’s Nazi Shambhala

Shanghai La and Shambhala represents a idea of a lost kingdom somewhere in the Himalayas has also circulated in Tibetan Buddhist teaching for centuries, and may well itself have been told at the court of Akbar. The name Shambala first appears in a text known as the Kalachakra Tantra – or Wheel of Time teaching. The Kalachakra doctrine belongs to the highest level of Buddhist Mahayana teaching.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart of the Harmony Park Grove in Minnesota followed Shangri-La and the highest level of Mahayana Buddhism tradition.

Thích Nhất Hạnh quoted by Chilly David Love (Wookiefoot), and Trevor Hall (Rampriya Dass) all above, follow the Rama Dass Mahayana Tradition of Buddhism.

Priestess Heather Salmon is a Buddhist that follows Tantric Sex Practices with her partner, Donny Regal. The High Priestess of Isis indoctrinated the Children in Pantheists Buddhism.

Devonte was indoctrinated and trained to serve Shangri La and Shambhala in Buddhist Rituals like a Human Pet.

The Dalai Lama with Venerable (impressive dignity) Lama Tenzin, who had a special “knock the boots” relationship with Sara Bronfman.

Sir Richard Branson’s “Bunga Bunga” Necker Island- Lama Tenzin & Sara Bronfman

The Bronfman family are the Jewish ILLUMINATI family that runs Canada. The Bronfman is one of the powerful New World Order families that controls what the masses read, hear, see and entertained with. Clare and Sara Bronfman, who fund NXIVM and Keith Raniere, are the granddaughters of the Jewish patriarch, Samuel Bronfman, born in Imperial Russia. [39]

Clare and Sara Bronfman

Clare and Sara are the daughters of Samuel Bronfman I– the son of Edgar Bronfman, Sr., son of the patriarch- Samuel. Edgar, Sr. is the founder and president of the billion-dollar Distillers Corp-Seagram Ltd. [40] The Bronfmans are part of the Committee of 300. The Committee is a product of the British East India Company’s Council of 300. The East India Company was chartered by the British royal family in 1600. It made vast fortunes in the opium drug trade with China and became the largest company on earth in its time. Today, through many powerful alliances, the Committee of 300 allegedly rules the world and is the driving force behind the criminal agenda to create a “New World Order”, under a “Totalitarian Global Government”.

The inner circleof the Committee of 300 is the Order of the Garter, headed by Queen Elizabeth Wind. The Committee of 300’s front organizations are the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House), the Club of Rome, NATO, U.N., the Black Nobility, the Tavistock Institute, CFR and all its affiliated organizations, the think tanks and research institutions controlled by Stanford University and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and last, but certainly not least, the military establishment.

The Committee of 300 is the ultimate secret society made up of an untouchable ruling class, which includes the Queen of the United Kingdom (Elizabeth II), the Queen of the Netherlands, the Queen of Denmark and the royal families of Europe. 41] In 1924, Samuel Bronfman opened a distillery in Montreal. In 1926, the Distillery Corporation of London [DCL] owned by Field Marshal Haig, Lord Dewar, Lord Woolavington, and others, and which controlled more than half the world market in scotch whiskey, partnered with Bronfman. They formed a holding company with DCL’s William Ross as president, Sam Bronfman vice-president. Bronfman became a ‘cutout’ for the men behind DCL, and the dispensation of distribution rights was a decision made by His Majesty the King. It began as a three-way contract between Britain (the supplier), Bronfman (the cutout), and Rothstein (the distributor). It evolved into a nationally organized crime syndicate. [42] Rothstein was assigned the job of “reorganizing” crime networks. He set up syndicates on the East Coast with the help of Torrio. A special bureau was set up by Meyer Lansky and Benny “Bugs” Siegel. Murder, Inc. was formed as a regulatory commission to police “free enterprise” advocates who might try to buck the syndicate and interfere with booze sales. [43]

The Bronfmans in Canada is a subject in itself far too much to handle here. But, they comprise the foundation and backbone of the political and financial power structure of the New World Order. They are linked to Donald J. Drumpf’s mentor, Roy Cohn. They are dark circle other-dimensional “master deceivers“. They are vicious cohorts and puppets of the “fallen angel” LUCIFER. The Bronfmans of Montreal are an underground Knights Templar family linked to the old Sisters of Providence– part of the secret and powerful ILLUMINATI and the global, Ninth Satanic Child Trafficking Circle.

In 1969, Sam Bronfman was made a Knight of Grace of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem – Her Majesty’s official chivalric order. [44] The Order of St John formally the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (French: l’ordre très vénérable de l’Hôpital de Saint-Jean de Jérusalem) and also known as St John International is a British royal order of chivalry first constituted in 1888 by royal charter from Queen Victoria. It evolved from a faction of the Order of Malta that emerged in France in the 1820s and moved to Britain in the early 1830s.

Mendocino County Sheriff , Tom Allman, is a Knight Templar.

California Governor Jerry Brown is a Jesuit Priest- Soldier of the VATICAN. He covered up Rev. Jim Jones, Peoples Temple, and the 1978 Jonestown Guyana Massacre in California.

Looking forward to the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice stepping into the case to investigate the crimes of racial mass murder across state lines, and the blatant violation of the Constitutional Rights of the Children and their Biological Parents is like waiting for the Laurel and Hardy’s infamous comical March of the Wooden Soldiers.



Courageous Tiny Hannah & Biological Brother, Markis

Courageously, Tiny Hannah and her damaged and malnourished body did all that she could to escape the Witches of Buchenwald. In the middle of a winter November night along the mountains in Woodland,Washington, she jumped from a second story window covered with only a blanket to escape. Steve Frkovich overheard a private confidential conversation between his daughter, Dana DeKalb, and wife about Hannah’s heroic dash for freedom and the Children. He lives in Tacoma, Washington– a little more than a hundred miles away. He was so disturbed by what he had overheard about Tiny Hannah that he called 9-11 to report the incident to try to try to get for Hannah and the Children.

There was a Washington police state power- child protective services stand down not a breakdown, and nobody responded to our so dear and precious Tiny Hannah’s heart wrenching cry for human compassion and help. On or about May 10, 2018, a Mendocino County’s sheriff’s deputy was called to the area of North Highway 1 and Hardy Creek in Westport around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday. On an ocean beach, a local resident found a pair of girl’s jeans with a shoe entangled in one of the pant legs. An inspection led to discovering human remains of what appeared to be a human foot inside of the shoe. The remains were found about a mile away from where the Hart SUV plunged over a cliff onto rocks at the edge of the ocean on March 25 or March 26, 2018. The foot was delivered to Mendocino County’s Coroners, Knights Templar Sheriff Tom Allman and Sex Cult Guru Lt. Shannon Barney.

As far as I am aware, Allman and Barney have not released to the public any final reports detailing autopsy findings of Jennifer, Sarah Hart and the Children. And, I suspect that they will not release any detailed autopsy findings in the case that indicate whether or not the Children had any vital organs. And as far as I am aware, the alleged bodies of Jennifer, Sarah Hart and the Children have been cremated and permanently disposed of.

In lieu of the pending DNA tests on the foot, our most precious Tiny Hannah is still missing, presumed dead. I had suspected that only the body parts of Tiny Hannah and Devonte would be recovered, because I believe that they had sacrificed, organs removed- harvested, and bodies burned. It seems to me that the Children’s forced special malnourished diet had something to do with harvesting and marketing their organs to an elite class.

To get to the bottom of the Jennifer, Sarah Hart and the 6 (six) Black Children, there must be a citizens task force, review or council formed because the Rabbit Hole runs far too deep in this matter for justice to prevail ordinarily. And, the Luciferians have infiltrated the highest offices of local, state and federal power and authority to make it virtually impossible for Justice to be done. I will stay on the case. I have said enough.

  • Jenifer's formal name
  • full middle name (L.)
  • e-mail address
  • exact birthdate
  • birth location

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Robert Wagner & Stefanie Powers Look Back on ‘Hart to Hart’ 40 Years Later

When they met, it was murder! At least, that’s how gravel-voiced butler/cook/chauffeur Max famously described the relationship between his wealthy employers, amateur detectives Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, in the opening credits of Hart to Hart.

And 40 years after stars Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers solved their first crime on the ABC caper (that suspicious suicide was murder!), the sizzle hasn’t fizzled. During a joint phone call — she in her part-time base of London he in Aspen, Colorado, where he lives with actress wife Jill St. John — they excitedly finish each other’s sentences and laugh almost nonstop. (“We talk quite regularly,” Powers admits. “We also email and send each other dirty jokes.”) No wonder audiences tuned in to five seasons with the unceasingly affectionate jet-setters, their dog Freeway, and ever-reliable Max (the late Lionel Stander).

Wagner, 89, and Powers, 76, haven’t slowed down: She is prepping the Delaware Theatre Company play One November Yankee with Harry Hamlin Wagner will be returning to NCIS as Anthony DiNozzo Sr. But first, the pair, along with executive producer Leonard Goldberg (Blue Bloods), share their Hart memories exclusively with TV Guide Magazine.

Tom Selleck Reflects on His Biggest TV Roles & Shares 'Blue Bloods' Scoop

Good Idea, Great Casting

In the late 󈨊s, ABC execs approach Goldberg and partner Aaron Spelling — the pros behind such network hits as Charlie’s Angels and Fantasy Island — about doing a high-style comedy-mystery. Goldberg sells them on a dusty Sidney Sheldon script called Double Twist, but it needs work. Enter Goldberg’s friend, Tom Mankiewicz, a James Bond screenwriter (Live and Let Die, Diamonds Are Forever), who repackages the script under the title Hart to Hart. All that’s left is casting the Mr. and Mrs.

Goldberg: We did inquire with Cary Grant’s representation. The answer was no. We agreed that the closest to him was R.J. Wagner. He’s a very good-looking guy, has an easy charm about him, and could handle that comedy.

Wagner: I became a producer as well. Tom and I agreed at the very beginning that Stefanie should be Jennifer Hart. I had worked with her on [the 1968–70 series] It Takes a Thief and thought she was terrific. But there was opposition from the network. [Other names floated: Lindsay Wagner, Suzanne Pleshette, and Kate Jackson.]

Goldberg: It had to be a grown-up, not a kid. We did ask [Wagner’s wife] Natalie Wood. But there was some feeling that audiences didn’t want to see a husband and wife playing a husband and wife. She was a movie star as well. “Mank” [Mankiewicz] convinced her to take a small part in the pilot as a Southern belle.

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Powers: I was supposed to do a play [Cyrano de Bergerac]. But then there was a newspaper strike in New York, and no one wants to open anything new. [A lack of ads or reviews could spell doom for a show.] It was the best piece of luck I ever had.

So in Love

In 1979, Mr. and Mrs. H, as Max refers to them, are introduced in a two-part pilot. Suave Jonathan is CEO of Hart Industries (its fancy office door handles are shaped like the letter “H”), and warm, well-coiffed Jennifer is a freelance journalist. They cross paths with diamond thieves, blackmailers, kidnappers, and murderers, assuming fake identities and trying to dodge fists and bullets along the way. But their love story is always front and center. (There should be a drinking game keyed to every time one calls the other “darling.”) Ratings for the new series are … decent.

(ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

Powers: You don’t want to hope too much for something to click. Yes, we were picked up. But the feeling of how much do people love those characters? We didn’t feel that until we went out into the world.

Wagner: Do you remember, Stef? We did about six shows, and I walked into your dressing room and you had tears in your eyes and said, “Do you think it’s going to be good? What are we doing?” We loved doing it but were very anxious.

Powers: We’d get negative notes back [from the network] like, “They should have a baby and maybe there should be an affair.”

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Wagner: The jealousy was brought up so many times! It was always a fight. But we felt very strongly that our relationship be positive.

Goldberg: We told ABC, “They’ve been married X amount of years but they’re still on their honeymoon.” They were nervous. I said, “Don’t worry, it’s only a fantasy. Don’t bring it home to your own marriage.”

Sophisticated Living

Despite a budget Goldberg calls “no different than that for any other show,” the production utilizes an opulent Brentwood estate (in the script, it’s Bel Air) and a string of expensive cars. The Hart household also includes factotum Max, played by six-times-married, once-blacklisted intellectual Stander, and adorable Löwchen pooch Freeway. Any similarities to 1934’s The Thin Man are absolutely intentional.

Wagner: Max was the glue of the show. And Lionel was wonderful. When I met him, he was living with three women. And, uh, they weren’t just washing the dishes.

Powers: The dog was a rescue named Charlie. He was a wonderful, wonderful boy. They couldn’t get him to growl [on-camera] — he was wagging his tail so hard!

Broadening Horizons

Behind the scenes, Wagner and Powers are dealt personal tragedies when their respective offscreen partners, Wood and William Holden, both die unexpectedly in November 1981. “It was like two body blows,” recalls Powers, who would later start the William Holden Wildlife Foundation in his honor. Season 3 production is temporarily shut down, but the series doesn’t skip a beat. The sleuths delve into smuggling and espionage and visit destinations from Maui to Athens and London. At its peak, Hart ranks No. 15 for Season 3, then lands at No. 17 for Season 4.

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Powers: We worked 14-hour days. Sometimes we would just lose it [due to fatigue]. Double entendres became single entendres. Florence Henderson guest starred [in Season 3’s “Hartland Express”] and we couldn’t keep a straight face. They had to shut the set down.

Wagner: I loved when we went to London [for Season 5’s “Two Harts Are Better Than One”]. The episode was about [Jennifer’s] back life. She was a very self-sustained woman. I asked her to marry me by having a sign drop down on the Tower Bridge.

Powers: Much of the heart-to-heart scenes were written by us — we knew the characters better than everybody.

(ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

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Hart Family Parents Killed 6 Children in Murder-Suicide, Jury Determines

A special jury in California ruled on Thursday that two women killed themselves and their six adopted children in a murder-suicide in March 2018, officially determining the cause of the family’s fatal plunge over a 100-foot cliff.

The authorities had long believed that Sarah Hart and her wife, Jennifer Hart, had purposely driven their sport utility vehicle over a Northern California cliff with their six children in the car, days after learning they were under investigation by child welfare officials. The special coroner’s jury — which was empaneled to determine manner of death and not criminality — reached a unanimous decision in about an hour of deliberation after hearing chilling details over two days of testimony.

Investigators found Sarah Hart had recently performed internet searches about suicide, Benadryl dosages and whether drowning was painful, according to The Associated Press. Sarah Hart had 42 doses of generic Benadryl in her system, an investigator testified, while Jennifer Hart, the driver, had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.102 percent when she drove the car off the cliff. In California, it is illegal for drivers to have a level of 0.08 percent or higher.

An investigator said the driver deliberately stepped on the gas.

“They both decided that this was going to be the end,” said Jake Slates, a California Highway Patrol investigator, according to The Associated Press. “That if they can’t have their kids that nobody was going to have those kids.”

The authorities have discovered the remains of five of the children: Markis, 19 Hannah, 16 Jeremiah, 14 Abigail, 14 and Ciera, 12. A sixth child, Devonte, 15, is still considered missing but is presumed dead.


Such juries are highly unusual it was the first one in Mendocino County in 52 years, said Thomas Allman, the county sheriff and coroner. Since the parents were dead and would not face criminal charges, the proceedings allowed more facts to come out in testimony, he said. Criminal charges cannot be brought against dead people, so the jury was assigned to determine cause rather than guilt.

Years before the crash, the family gained international notoriety from a widely shared photo of Devonte, who is black, hugging a white police sergeant during a 2014 demonstration in Portland, Ore. Photos and videos portrayed a happy family, including a YouTube video in which four of the children sing “we are so provided for.”

But investigative documents showed the parents had been accused of abuse several times. In 2010, Minnesota’s child welfare agency received six reports of abuse or neglect, two of which were deemed to be founded Sarah Hart admitted to physically harming Abigail and was convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault.

The family moved to West Linn, Ore., where an anonymous person reported to officials that the children appeared malnourished. Investigators spoke to women who knew the family and said the parents harshly imposed discipline on the children, but officials said they could not identify a “safety threat.”

In 2017, after the family had moved to Woodland, Wash., neighbors said that one of the children, Hannah, rang their doorbell at 1:30 a.m., asking them to take her to Seattle. She was missing two teeth, appeared very thin and said she had jumped out of a second-story window to escape. Hannah hid in a bedroom when her parents arrived minutes later, but eventually went home.

In March 2018, Devonte began going to the neighbors’ home to ask for food, saying his parents withheld food as punishment. The neighbors contacted Washington State’s child welfare agency on March 23, three days before the crash.

Later on March 23, a child welfare official knocked on the front door of the Harts’ home. There was no answer.

Watch the video: Jen Hart - Photographer (January 2022).