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Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany Timeline

The Fuehrer Principle

The Nazi Party

Germany Awake

January 30th 1933

Hitler and his first Cabinet

The Reichstag Fire of 1933

The Oberfohren Memorandum

The March 1933 Election

The Enabling Act March 1933

Text of the Enabling Act 1933

Nazi Germany - Dictatorship

The Nazi Police State

Concentration camps in Nazi Germany

The SD

The Gestapo

The Sturmabteilung or SA

The Night of the Long Knives

Ernst Rohm

Nazi Leaders

Franz Gurtner

Gustav Krupp

Propaganda in Nazi Germany

Joseph Goebbels and Propaganda

Newspapers in Nazi Germany

Volkischer Beobachter

Radio in Nazi Germany

Films in Nazi Germany

Leni Riefenstahl

The Rosenberg Task Force

Music in Nazi Germany

Art in Nazi Germany

Literature in Nazi Germany

Censorship in Nazi Germany

Strength Through Joy

Prora Holiday Resort

Trade Unions and Nazi Germany

Nazi Education

Adolf Hitler and Education

Adolf Hitler Schools

National Political Training Institutes

Order Castles

Universities in Nazi Germany

Hitler Youth Movement

Young Girls League

League of German Girls

Opposition in Nazi Germany

Resistance in Nazi Germany

The Red Orchestra

Kreisau Circle

Youth Opposition in Nazi Germany

The White Rose Movement

Hans Scholl

Sophie Scholl

The Edelweiss Pirates

Jews in Nazi Germany


Consequences of Kristallnacht

Hitler and the Jews

Joseph Goebbels and the Jews

Roma and Nazi Germany

Homosexuals and Nazi Germany


The Role of Women in Nazi Germany

Women at Work in Nazi Germany

Eva Braun

Family Life in Nazi Germany

Fountain of Life

Blood Purity and Nazi Germany

Blood and Soil

Hans Gunther


Religion and Nazi Germany

The Church in Nazi Germany

Positive Christianity

The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany

Dietrich Bonhoffer

Martin Niemoller

The Nazis and the German Economy

Economic Growth in Nazi Germany

The 1936 Secret Memorandum

The Four Year Plan

Results of the Four Year Plan

Gottfried Feder

Interest Slavery

Nazi Germany Military Expenditure

The Blomberg-Fritsch Crisis of 1938

Nazi Germany and the Economic Miracle

The 1936 Berlin Olympics