Course of History

The Civil Rights Movement in America 1945 to 1968

The Civil Rights Movement in America 1945 to 1968

American Civil Rights Timeline


Jim Crow

Harry Truman and Civil Rights

Education and Civil Rights

Thurgood Marshall

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Rosa Parks

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Little Rock Central High School

The 1957 Civil Rights Act

Nashville Sit Ins

Greensboro 1960

The 1960 Civil Rights Act

Medgar Evers

Martin Luther King

I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King Quotes

James Farmer

Albany 1961

Freedom Ride

James Meredith

Birmingham 1963

Bull Connor

1963 Birmingham Church Bombing

John Kennedy and Civil Rights

Lyndon Johnson

1964 Civil Rights Act

The 1965 Voting Rights Act

Stokeley Carmichael

Malcolm X

Black Power


The Black Panthers

Huey Newton

Bobby Searle

Mexico 1968

Tommy Smith

John Carlos

Peter Norman

Zora Neale Hurston

Julian Bond

Civil Rights Quotes